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effective article writing and publishing

Feb 29, 2008
Effective article writing and publishing as part of online marketing. You can increase link popularity and drive traffic to you site. This article is intended to help us get started.

There are several online services that can help publish your articles online. Google can deliver some good resources.

Many of publishing sites require that you register as an author. The easiest thing to do is use the same user name and password with each website. A template using Notepad is a great idea so that when you are ready to entering in your articles you will have everything in one place.

The following outline can be used as a template. Article Title: Make sure that you have your theme keyword phrase here. Author Bio: Limit your bio to about 200 characters some allow more, but I think shorter is better. Add at least, one link to your website in the bio. Have the link pointing back to the page on your site where the article resides. Keyword List: Use one or two keyword phrases. Make a list of two or three keyword phrases that you want your article to be found under. Put the phrases are in the beginning and ending of your article. Article Content: This is the content of your article, not include the title go in this box. The articles should be about 500 plus words. the majority of the article publishing sites have a 500 minimum. Use the following outline if you are not sure how to proceed: Introduction: Introduce the problem that you're going to solve. The next, state the three areas that you're going to cover, the "points" of the article. Points of the article: Point1 Two or three sentences, Point2 Two or three sentences, Point3 Two or three sentences. Conclusion: Encourage reader to think about what are they are going to do now. Make some suggestions on what to do next. Invite them to look for upcoming articles on this topic or related topics. Finally: Edit your article for spelling and grammar. Create Meta tags so that you can have them when that page is added to your website. Add the content to your website and have it on your site for about a week before you publish the article.

Learning how to write great articles for the internet is only helpful as you write. The more you do the better you become. You have the basic tools, start typing!
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