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Forensic Nursing as a Career

Feb 29, 2008
Career choosing can be such a mind-boggling job. But if you are deciding to take up nursing, let me assure you of the kind and comforting responsibility you are taking- not to comfort yourself, but instead be a comfort to other people. Today, we know how crimes have increased and how our society is not only dealing with victims who are hurt but also the perpetrators who are sometimes mentally ill, and need help also. Every minute, there is a rape or some woman getting beaten up by her mate, and our world is becoming more and more animalistic day by day. In the event of a heinous crime or sexual assault, it is the forensic nurses that come to the rescue of victims. Not only to treat their bruises and injuries, but to console them and make them feel safe.

When a murder takes place, forensic nurses act within the boundaries of legal and medical investigation and help to gather evidence of all types; especially forensic clues and information that will assist the legal cell to fight the case in court. They are also willing to testify if the need arises. Their testimony bears a lot of weight, as it based on the events pieced together and evidence. This helps the case a lot. Their basic aim and priority is to be of assistance to the victim in every possible way. Sometimes, this concern even extends to the victim's family, in the event of the victim not surviving. They are able to console and comfort the family, and reassure them that they would cut all corners, to try and catch the culprit.

Forensic nurses can opt to work in an advocate's firm, a hospital, health community's office, psychiatric facility, coroner's office, medical examiner's office, or insurance companies. They play a big role in finding evidence, to help the case. This is definitely a new terminology, but it is catching on as more and more people are being made aware of this career option. Also, there is a demand for forensic nurses as crime is on the increase.

You do not require a degree in nursing, but you do require certain other degrees. Basically, sometimes an interest is sufficient, and from there you can target some degrees in forensics. If you have an eye for detail and a detective streak in you, then it is to your advantage. It will make it easier for you to do your job thoroughly and effortlessly. This kind of job requires you to be eager to learn and not give up, when you can't find clues. Keep going till you have reached a dead end, as every bit of evidence, turns things around in favor of the victim.

You can also go online if you want to do a certificate course. Since the demand is going up, so is the pay packet. This career sees you making a lot of good money, as there is a lot of hard work on the field involved. It requires dedication and perseverance. Imagine how exciting it is to be present at the scene of a crime, for the adventurous kind. And for the kind hearted, it is rewarding to be able to help helpless victims and their families and in turn, the community on a whole. Forensic nurses are a very positive contributing factor to our legal system and the medical teams.
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