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Article Submission Methods to Create Traffic Momentum

Feb 29, 2008
While you sit their and ponder why your website lack traffic momentum consider using article submission to instantly and permanently start generating free traffic. Your well written article needs to be submitted to article directories because well implemented article submission methods can help you with an avalanche of web surfers running to get to your website. Below are some of the clues you need to master to fully benefit from article submission.

Article submission Clue one -- Your article

Your article is the most important aspect of any promotion strategy. Just some basic points to remember always use your primary keyword in your title. Make sure your keyword appears at least nine to eleven times in your article. Your article should have an opening paragraph, the body and a basic conclusion. For this article submission to have potency use action words and always write like you're talking to an intelligent friend. The best minimum word count is 450 words and the most effective is 600 to 700 words. Do spell check your article for grammatical errors.

Article submission Clue two --- Article directories

Most article directories do have some common elements like the need to pick your author name or pen name. Personally I prefer to use my own name. You might find it appropriate to use a pen name which is also okay. Just remember to use the same pen name on the same article. Some directories do check for plagiarism and the use of different names on the same article will soon set off a red flag. Make sure your title goes into the title spot and the body into the appropriate box. The box for a brief description of your article should contain the most enticing part of your article. Some article directories like Articlesdynamic.com, Articlesyouneed.com, and ezinearticle.com will allow one or two html links in the body of your article.

The most important part of any article submission strategy is the resource box at the end of the article. Use the same method in my resource box. Please, it is always better to manufacture your own words. It is in the resource box you place the clickable link to your website. From experience only use html to link in your resource box. I f don't use html your website link might not be clickable.

With article submission methods to be effective do not concern yourself with minor irritations like some websites will use your article without your resource box or it completely shows a different article writer. Just keep writing and submitting to as many directories as humanly possible. Each article will always bring you some traffic. Since your ultimate goal is to generate traffic momentum more articles will help you create a traffic avalanche that will soon flood your websites with eager visitors in need of all you all you have to offer.
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Raymond Nwambuonwo has been a contributing author for this website and is an acknowledged expert on articles in the field of Internet marketing. He can be found on the internet at this website: http://marketinguses.blogspot.com
Raymond Nwambuonwo has been a contributing author for this website and is an acknowledged expert in the field of Article Writing and Submissions. Article Submission
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