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Feb 29, 2008
You will need to create your own affiliate website in order to be successful. You will also need to drive tons of quality traffic to your website. You cannot make profit without traffic. You will have various choices in order to drive traffic. Pay per click campaign, or PPC, is probably on of your choice.

However, a PPC campaign can cost you a lot of money. There are affiliate marketers who spend more than $300 a day in order to drive quality traffic to their websites. It may sound really crazy to you. $300 a day is a lot of money! As a beginner, you may want to have some cheaper options. It will be even more perfect if it can be free of charge.

In fact, there free option described will be search engine optimization, or SEO in short. Under the umbrella of search engine optimization, you will try to optimize your website such that it can be rank well in the search results of search engines.

To do the search engine optimization, you will firstly need to do keyword research. You will probably understand that there is no way to rank well for every keyword. As a consequence you will have to choose to target for some main keywords. Of course they can also be some secondary keywords.

You will need at least one keyword research tool. As a matter of fact there are tons of keyword research tools out there. Some of the tools you may probably encounter are WordTracker, Keyword Discovery and Wordze. You will need to pay a monthly subscription if you would like to use any of these tools. If you would like to go for a free option, keyword tool from Google Adwords will be recommended.

You may want to know why you need to do the keyword research. This is indeed because you will write articles for your website based on the research results. You will make your articles keyword rich. This means that you will try to put the keywords into your articles. Of course you should never spam the keywords in the articles others the search engine may ban your site.

You should also start building some back links for your website. If you can have more back links to your site, it will have a higher chance to rank well. However, you should always remember that you should only get back links from relevant sites otherwise it may not help!
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