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It's All In The Image

Feb 29, 2008
First impressions count is not a saying that has come about by accident. While many would advocate the reasoning of withholding judgement until you get to know a person, it has to be said that most people or companies are stereotyped in the first few minutes of a new encounter.

That is why workwear is a very important consideration when kitting out your workforce. It makes no difference if you're in a manufacturing environment, an office, shop or publishing company. All businesses will receive visitors at some point or another and you are bound to want to impress them.

When a visitor is looking for a company to invest in, they will want to see that company care about everything. If you care about your staff, your reputation and the image you portray, they will reason that you are more likely to care about your product and services.

If a workforce are all wearing smart workwear they will feel part of a team - with the knock on effect of more productivity. Workwear will instil a sense of belonging and induce pride in their work. It will also be appreciated by the staff as a way of saving their own clothes.

Not to be overlooked is the advertising effect workwear can have. If an employee is out and about before or after work, looking smart, potential customers will take a note of any company detail that would be embroidered or printed on their clothing.

In a manufacturing environment, workwear is the best way forward. It not only brings all staff together but also incorporates a safety aspect. High visibility workwear is an essential part of health and safety rules in many working environments and helps to avoid many accidents.

Protective clothing comes under the heading of workwear also. Many substances and materials are used in manufacturing that can have a detrimental effect on normal clothing and protective workwear is a must.

For a company to provide clothing for their work force can also keep contaminates at bay. This is an important consideration when it comes to businesses involving health or science. Many companies will provide workwear that can be cleaned in a sterile environment and re-supplied to staff the following week, thus insuring non-contamination.

Even employees of a standard office can benefit from employer provided clothing. Comfortable, colour coordinated clothing will have everyone feeling part of a team. Just look at banks. It is quite easy to tell which bank a teller works in by their uniform.

Flame retardant clothing is important in certain businesses. An employer cannot be sure his staff are fully protected unless he has provided the clothing himself. Even for a single, self employed person, workwear can be a bonus. It can get you mentally motivated to begin the workday and taking it off signals an official end to your day - a difficult cut off point for many self employed persons.

Coveralls come under the heading of workwear and act as a protective covering for an employees own clothes. They can be used in pretty much every aspect of business, except maybe banking. Seeing your bank teller in a pair of coveralls could be slightly disconcerting!

If security work is your business, then workwear is essential. A respectable, smart security uniform can proffer a professional appearance with a feeling of authority. Much easier to accept than a bloke in jeans and t-shirt trying to escort people from the premises.

Whatever your business, workwear will be an added bonus to the image your staff portray.
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