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How To Make Money Online - The Beginning

Feb 29, 2008
The Internet. Ahhh, can anyone really imagine a world without it today? And yet, it was only a few short decades ago that the online community consisted of mainly academics and government folks. Now, everything imaginable is available online and a large percentage of people spend several hours every day surfing the web.Different ways to get a share of the profits available to innovative entrepreneurs have been developed for those who want to make money online and the choices available are staggering and somewhat confusing. Some have great potential while others are simply thinly disguised scams. Here is where I come in.

Who am I? Well, if you are just starting the process of finding out how to make money online, I was you 4 months ago. I am a teacher (Mathematics) and have been for the past 25 years. I have taken this year off to see if I can successfully start an Internet venture and begin to make serious money online. I knew I would need to spend some "startup" money, but I wanted to keep this to a minimum at first in order to see what was working and what wasn't. Here is where I can save you big money by recommending the best resources I have found.

When I started out, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the choices available and when I read the sales copy of each product or book it seemed as if I had to own every single one of them in order to be successful. I got so tired reading through the bonuses I would get and how I would become a millionaire in a short time. Obviously, it would not be that easy but I knew that there were products and resources out there that I could and would use to become successful.

Well, I bought as many as I could on a trial basis (and cancelled many in the first 30 days), joined several forums for a wealth of advice and after 4 months I now have the tools necessary. It is the result of having spent 10-12 hours every day researching products and then reading about and using many of them until I now have a core set of products and resources with which to be successful in this internet business opportunity and start making money online. These resources are the ones I am currently using (or have tested extensively) and the money has started to come in significantly as I have put in place 4 major income streams.

Before you even begin to explore what direction you will be taking to make money on the Internet, you should do a system check. A lot will be asked of your computer and the worst thing imaginable can and does happen. Can you imagine walking into your home office one day and your system is dead? What was on the machine may represent enormous amounts of work, from a fully developed website to listings of all of your resources. Ughh!!

First thing you should do is get a couple of external hard drives for your system. Use these to store backups of your system and all your online business resources. Develop and automate a backup scheme so if worst comes to worst, you can rebuild your system from scratch.

Make sure your virus protection software is one of the best rated and check to see that it updates on a regular basis. You will be downloading countless files in you quest to make money online and your exposure to malware will be greatly increased.

You will need plenty of time to set your online business up, so think long and hard to see if you have enough spare time in your current lifestyle to allow you to have the time available to really get this venture right.

Well, enough of the preliminaries. You are now ready to start exploring very specific methods to make money on the Internet. Remember, "I need to learn, learn, learn so I can earn, earn, earn".
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