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What Wholesale Merchandise To Sell on eBay - Answered!

Feb 29, 2008
Have you been wondering what wholesale merchandise to sell on eBay? Have you seen umpteen video game suppliers, toy vendors, suppliers for electrical equipments, etc.? You can also join the vast plethora of vendors that provide and offer a level playing field to the buyer who seek it.

eBay offers unique opportunity for every vendor to make an online presence and market its product in the domestic as well as international market. eBay marks its presence in nearly country. Moreover, eBay is also present as a local website in each country.

In India you can find an eBay portal and in Australia you can find local vendors at eBay with their own company website for the given country. eBay acts as a sole online storefront for many vendors!

One of the most important reasons for eBay to be popular among vendors is that one does not need to go through the tedious process of setting up an e-commerce stores or a website to sell his products. Selling wholesale merchandise on eBay is like setting up a small wholesale shop in the biggest shopping mall of the city that has highest foot calls per day.

Even if you are selling wholesale products remember to put up a picture of the product. A picture speaks thousand words and leaves a longer lasting impression in the minds of buyer. Moreover, if you put your picture on the product page, a buyer would easily recognize if it is the actual product he is looking for.

If you are selling video games on eBay, then look for all the video game suppliers that mark their impressive presence on the website. Study their profiles and product pages. This research would help you to understand how to put up your own product pages on the website.

State all the terms and conditions about your product very carefully! You should especially give clear details about your shipment terms and charges. Before you put up your store or product pages for wholesale merchandise on EBay, you should know which shipment method would be most convenient and cost effective.

You should also know how many days would it take to reach the destination. All this should also be listed on your product page for the buyer to know before hand.

Your product page should be impressive. Learn to write well or have a sales copy written from a professional writer. An impressive sales copy for your product page can really convert clicks into customers. If you are able to hold you customer with your product image, then a good product write up should be ready to support the impression.

The first few lines of your product page should be able to hold a customer longer on your page or at least bookmark you among the favorites. This would eventually result in skepticism, therefore, a potential warm prospect can keep doing diligence within your site.

Along with your shipment terms, your payment terms should also be very clear. You should give explicit details about various payment options such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, etc. Lastly, you should aim at getting a positive feedback.

Remember, client testimonials about your wholesale merchandise and your delivery would fetch your future customers. If you intend to sell video games at wholesale prices, check out the various video game suppliers online and check their ratings and prices for their wholesale merchandise.
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