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Leveraging Older Content to Develop New Traffic

Feb 29, 2008
With the current state of internet marketing, most independent companies (meaning those not part of a franchise or corporate umbrella) have to deal with very real consequence of competing in the marketplace with limited capital to spend on advertising and marketing.

As a result, business with larger budgets who understand the intricacies of online marketing, have a very distinct advantage, the ability to move on many fronts simultaneously.

To this end, smaller companies that are just as deserving need to think of affordable means to compete aside from leveraging the lion share of their profits just to stay visible online.

There is a solution however for small businesses starting from the very foundation of your website.

The content you create can serve as an indicator of your expertise, serve to attract new clients or reinforce your off line brand.

The main benefit of a content development strategy is the ability to leverage media and internet exposure at a fraction of the costs of traditional marketing.

The following tactic has it's roots in search engine optimization, but can be applied to any business that produces quality content on a regular basis.

If you have a blog or a content management system (a blog), once you have built enough content there comes a time where you have so many gems you want to share (for those who may have missed it the first time around) that you can deep link (build links to pages other than your homepage) to your older pages and resuscitate new life into your pages.

Aside from giving others a chance to discover more about why they like or dislike your business, writing style or blog.

The added benefits of deep links and distributing leverage and traffic from fresh content, is sure to attract search engine spiders and integrate the now aging pages which have established their own authority back into your blog.

This content development strategy is a pure win/win tactic you can invoke systematically to create spikes in traffic.

This is one of the few times when having traffic leaving the page they are reading benefits your blog (aside from AdSense or blog monetization) and serves to funnel attention and readers, deeper into the site.

Meanwhile the true benefit is link popularity and organic traffic which can be far more beneficial in the long run to establish your brand. Have a higher reader engagement / per session equals higher potential sales conversion for your products or services.

In the interests of moving forward, oftentimes you can find inspiration from the past as guideposts, find new material or just share insights that may have changed over time. Looking back and leveraging content from along the way is not only rewarding to see how things stick the second time around, but if timely in their introduction can spark a chain reaction and give your readers (or searchers) some great reading material worth noting.

Just think about developing quality links for your old posts or articles, you never know which of them can hit the front page of a social media site and provide an unforeseen boost in the SERPs for your range of keywords.
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Jeffrey L. Smith is an seasoned search engine optimization expert and founder of SEO Design Solutions Search Engine Marketing Company. Jeffrey has been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings fresh optimization methods and Small Business SEO Services.
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