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GoDaddy Money Making Opportunities

Feb 29, 2008
How can you make money online from GoDaddy.com? You can make money from the GoDaddy company with a few methods including:

- Domain parking and domain sales transactions

- GoDaddy reseller and super reseller accounts and affiliate marketing

- Creating your own websites through Godaddy.com to sell your own product or service or do affiliate marketing

- Selling information about GoDaddy including coupons or vouchers and then selling other related services to the same people.

Because GoDaddy is such a big company, they're practically a household name. There are many ways to capitalize on this company to earn money yourself. You can make direct money by using them in several ways. Let us explore some of GoDaddy's online money making programs with a closer look:


You can do domain selling through GoDaddy.com as well as domain parking. Domain selling enables you to sell your domains and or websites. Some profitable niches might fetch a great profit. This is commonly known as website flipping or domain auctions and GoDaddy has a marketplace for this.

Domains parking lets you earn commission from websites that are parked. This can be achieved two ways.

First, the domain name is something people will stumble upon often because it's a common word or closely related to another website. The parked website has advertisements placed on it and you earn a commission based on that.

Second, you do the parking because you are working on your website. While you wait to create the site you do domain parking so you can earn in the meantime.

Reseller Accounts and Affiliate Programs

Another way of making money online is to sell hosting packages you can do this with GoDaddy. The company has something called a reseller program and a Super Reseller Hosting program so you can make money not only from selling hosting and services as well as from selling to others who will resell hosting as well. GoDaddy offers over fifty different products you can resell to others. You can sell products directly from your own website or through banners and links.

Creating your own website is fairly simple with GoDaddy. They have products and services for use from very novice users to programs suited for more technical people so you can sell to a broad audience.

Your Own Profitable Website

You can use a website you purchase from GoDaddy to set up your own money making blog, your own online store or affiliate sites and sales pages for products. The possibilities are nearly endless and you can purchase many different products and services from this company to help you grow and support your own home based business.

GoDaddy is one of the lowest cost hosting solutions out there. They are a popular and well known choice and because of that can be a great company for you to capitalize on.

When looking for money making ideas your best bet is to look for companies like this that one who can offer you multiple ways of making money through them. The shorter the time it takes you to learn programs and how to capitalize on a particular niche, the more money you can make and because GoDaddy is a company that works in multiple areas and is so widely publicized you can quickly learn enough to hit the ground running in your money making efforts.
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