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How I Use Adwords To Increase Blog Traffic

Feb 29, 2008
If you have started the blogging game one of the main problems you will face is getting traffic to your site. Obviously you will be using SEO and linking to try and drive some free traffic to your site but this wont show fruits immediately and the chances are you will get disappointed and give up.

As far as I am concerned there is no better traffic generator on the net like Google adwords the unfortunate thing is you have to pay for this traffic. I want to show you today how I effectively use Google adwords to increase the popularity of my blog for the lowest amount of money possible. He is a list of the steps I take to make this happen.

-You must first have a list of around 10 to 15 keywords your blog is targeting and they must be relevant to your blog. If you are unsure about relevance use Googles keyword tool and do a site search on your blog. This will give you lots of keywords that are relevant to your blog.

- Once you have your keywords its time to head over to Google adwords and start your campaign. Each keyword must be used in its own ad group in order to increase relevancy and get you cheaper clicks.

- When writing your ad include the keyword in the title and also the display URL. This can obviously be made up without effecting your CPC.

- Set up an ad group for every keyword and then save campaign. Now you need to add at least 3 ad variations to each ad group. You will need to monitor this in order to see which ad groups get the higher click through. The higher you click through rate the less you will pay for the click.

Now you can expect to pay around $0.20 a click on google adwords so what are you going to do in order to decrease the amount your spending per day? (I usually limit it to $20 a day). Well you must ensure you have some advertising on your blog and if visitors click on them it will automatically cancel out the click you just had to pay for. Also include affiliate links these will not convert as well as ads but if 1 converts you could see 2 days worth of advertising been paid for.

I use this method very effectively and had around 5500 visitors to my blog in December and only paid around $25 advertising, at the same time my subscribers trebled! Would your pay $25 a month to treble your subscribers?

This is an excellent method to help your blog on its way to success I hope it has helped.
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