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How I Make My Money Online

Feb 29, 2008
Everyone is looking for ways to make money online, they purchase program after program to either make a minimal short term amount or to simply fail. The truth about making money online is simple. Success starts in the little things, successfully manage to update your site daily, successfully get backlinks daily or successfully write articles daily. All these small successes eventually will lead you to the one success you really want and that is to make money online.

I think I probably started out pretty similar to most people. I saw an ad on a job website. $500 a day for writing data online, sound familiar? I went to the site and was sold by the sales copy and ultimately paid $50 for the program. It gave me a real minor insight into clickbank and adwords but no where near enough to make any real money online. It gave brief information about writing free ads but again no where near as much information as I needed.

There are lot of these low quality programs around I think I bought about 9 and got little tips from each one. As my knowledge grew I began to have my own ideas about making a living online. I stopped buying these products and decided to try out a few of my own ideas and this finally lead me to where I am today.

Before I could really start to make money online I had to realise that there was no program out there that was gojng to give me an exact blue print and that my success would be based on persistence and trial and error. I decided to create a blog on PPC advertising as I had some expertise in this area. I shared all the things I had learnt through these programs, so I was basically giving away the information free. Within 3 months I had around 65000 unique visitors coming through my site on a monthly basis and used programs like adsense and text link ads to monetize my site. Before I knew It I was pulling in $3500 a month and was starting to see real success. I then began to develop different sites and blogs based on all kinds of things I had some expertise in, I have over 10 now and all are profitable. I am not a millionaire yet but I hope to be one day.

If I was to give advice to anyone looking to make money online I would get honest first of all. There is no easy way to making money online it is going to take a lot of time researching, planning, implementing and revising. The online business is very similar to any other business and you should focus your attention on your potential visitors by making your information or service first class. You should be researching your industry daily and doing at least 10 things daily to enhance your site..

It is possible to have a very profitable online business from home but you are going to have to work. Another piece of general advice would be not to buy any of these get rich quick programs. There are some good ones but you will lose money quick if you start investing in them without advice. I would suggest to read blogs search the internet for free information. Read read and read some more, the more you put in the more you will have to give.

If you are in the cycle of buying E-book after E-book STOP! Think about what you really have to offer the online world. Start with a blog and then maybe develop a site around the service you want to give. It is a slow process and riches will not come for at least 6 months but it is possible. If you have not got what it takes to do the above you will not make money online and thats the truth.
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