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In It To Win It The Mind Of An Online Marketer

Feb 29, 2008
I started out working hard and wrong... Hard work alone isn't enough, and what the successful usually don't tell you is ... it's an indicator that your doing things all wrong. Spending hours promoting your business, and the efforts arn't growing your business, is an obvious mistake.. People still do it all the time. I'm guilty myself, and that's part of why I'm writing this article. Hours and hours of effort poured into broken techniques. Even if you get a sale, you are reliant on that grueling technique to do it again... The cycle of pain.

One good indication of being on the wrong track, is if you stop, so does your business. You want to be building a pipeline to your thirsty village, not carrying buckets. Once you stop, you still want your efforts to supply the demand. So test your efforts to see if they continue without further action. If they don't, congratulations you've got yourself a job... I don't know about you, but every business that I've started, I had the intention of building cash flow with or without me. I wanted freedom to enjoy life and the income to support my chosen lifestyle. If you havn't done so already, now is a great time to decide exactly what it is you want, because I'm about to share with you some easy steps, to get you closer to winning it.

Build your team, and find a coach who is going to be your mentor. First and foremost find a mentor. Find a mentor before you setup your Ccorp Scorp LLC etc.. Find your mentor, by deciding what you want to have and become, then find a person... not just any person, but one that has it. Find a mentor that you can relate to and enjoy being around. Before you contact your mentor, find out what he or she needs. Offer your survices for free, your working to learn. Now that you have your coach in place, start building a team.

An accountant and an attorney are great members to have around. If your taking financial advice.. that person giving it should be making at least 6x more than you. Dont take advice from someone who is failing. You want to be clear with all your team about personal goals. This will help you in many ways. If your accountant knows what your trying to accomplish, they might just think about you, when they are handling the finances of another investor.

Team work does wonders, you don't want to go at it alone, great things are accomplished with professional teams. Attornies are going to be great for those whimsicle ideas, and making sure that your playing by the rules. You want to surround yourself with professionals, who all know what your trying to achieve.If you apply these seemingly simple steps, you'll be much closer to what you want. The hardest part is taking action, but from what I've shared, you have the tools to not only get in it. You can get in it and win it!
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