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9 Killer Reasons To Change Your Affiliate Business Thoughts

Feb 29, 2008
Well, if the thought run the affiliate business, the attitude run the thoughts, because the thoughts think, what you have entered into your mind.

Do you want to fulfil your mind with positive, encouraging thoughts or with negative, depressing ones?
These are the choices, which lead us to the sweet affiliate business victories or to the motivational losses. This kind of business is the business of all time believers!

1. Think, How A Visitor Would Spend More Time On The Site, Dont Think Of The Hit Amounts.If you think hits, you think technically your marketing. But there is one error: our visitors are human beings, they are not hits.

When your thoughts are concentrated into the wants of the visitor, you are in his trousers, you think your home page more creatively and softer.

You also think that before a visitor lands on your page, it is useful to presell the idea of the landing page and get him into a encouraging state of the mind. This increases the conversion, not the nonrelated hits from whatever source.

2.Think Your Campaigns As A Part Of The Long Term Process, Not As A Separate Ad.
The heart of every successful affiliate business is a thoroughly planned strategy, which sets the guidelines to all actions.

The affiliate business campaign includes several mediums and it is planned to reach certain, specific targets. For instance a well-planned campaign reaches the average people from 5 to 7 times and follows a clear decision making process.

For instance it can contact the same target person by optin email message, home page, forum posts, personal email, search engine optimized pages and by blog. Each medium has it`s own job in the communication mix.

But a separate affiliate business ad, for instance a banner, is like a lonely wolf in the desert. It has not the power of the crowd and it does not build a long term marketing power.
A successful affiliate business campaign is the part of multi year promotions, which work residually, i.e. they build new things on the top of the old ones.

All in all, the secret is not in the ads or in the campaigns, the secret is in the planning, especially in the strategic planning.

3.Think, That Your Message Offers Meaningful Things To The Target Person, Not Hype.
The business strategy sets the guidelines for the communications and gives answers to the questions like: why you are in the busines and how your business is unique?

The most important message is the consumer promise, like Nokia, Connecting People. It tells , where the offer is unique.

4. Think, That You Must Be Unique.
Yes, you MUST BE UNIQUE. The affiliate business strategy tells in which way. The best way to reach the uniqueness is to think by your own brains, not to follow others directly. Of course it is wise to collect ideas from different sources.

The affiliate business uniqueness includes at least two issues: what to offer and how to offer.These both can be reached by your own personality and skills. No one can copy those and no one has the same skills than you have.

5. Think How Your Affiliate Business Is Positioned.
Positioning is not the same as the consumer promise, it is more wider and creative statement. It determines the position of your brand in the minds of the target people. This is important because an average human being can keep in his mind only three brands per product group.

Now these brands in the peoples minds form a short list along which they make their decisions. And guess what, if we want to be successful, we better be on that list.

The only way to get into the list is to become important for these people by offering useful and meaningful information, i.e. to help them.

6. Think Emotionally, Not Rationally.
The emotions run every human being. It is so odd, that this is not publicly admitted, but people try to convince us by rational things. But they do not work anymore, because all products are so equal, that the images matter.

7. Think Your Affiliate Business Identity, Not Logos Or Slogans.
The identity is like personality but in the affiliate business the target persons must recognise the personality, it cannot be hidden.

And you have to choose one strength from your personality, which will be the main message, the first point of the arrow.

8.Think Entertainment, Not Business Jargon.
When you choose emotional, entertaining and encouraging promotional strategy, you are automatically unique and your chances to drill into the deepest emotions of your target person is excellent.

9.Think Communication, Not Copystrategy.
The ultimate target of all affiliate business communication is the reach the level of personal relationships. It doesnt matter, whether we speak about prospects or customers. If we can mail to our good friends, the communication becomes meaningful and supporting.

When affiliate business websites fail, they fail because they do not communicate a meaningful believable, convincing and clear marketing promise.
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