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Values Of An Online Company

Feb 29, 2008
Online business' are everywhere, so which one is the best to join. Well a good starting point is the value. How many sales will it take to recoup your investment.
Because in todays age, there is no actual product to ship. For example, either you sell something for someone else via Ebay, and make a commission, but never have to ship anything. Or you could sell ebooks, which is very popular, and programs.

Either or, you never have to put anything in a box, or stock inventory. Which is great for you and I. Who wants to stock pile a bunch of Epicure spices or Avon beauty products in their garage? Besides the fact you only make 15% or so on these $5-$20 products. You can't make any money doing it. So that makes online even more appealing. You will find 50% - 100% commission online. Now, think about this, if you only have to sell 1 or 2 items to get your investment back, what would be the problem with that.

Anyone can make one or two sales, anyone! Now the other thing with online business, are the values of the company owners. Is your online business under a bigger online business, or did you start it up from nothing? If your business is under a larger one, then how much help are you getting from the parent company? I'll tell you something, what if a online company gave you the owners phone numbers so you could call them personally when you need help? Wouldn't that be a great online company to invest in? Wouldn't you think this company is a breath of fresh air, different from all the others?

Not to many do this, but the ones that do; are on top. Just to name a couple of reasons why are because the owners are second to none, call them and ask, I'm sure they would love to hear from you. Most online business' wont give their numbers so, if you cannot talk to the owners, then stay away from them. The other is, the training system works for everyone, not just the experts, and the investment levels vary, so that everyone can afford to start their own online business. So I would consider these very good company values and value for your dollar.

What else is there, no matter how good of a product you have, no one will buy it if they cannot find you, and no matter how aweful your product is, someone will buy it if you advertise. So the key to online marketing, or an online business is more marketing than product. So do not buy anything online, even if its a $20 get rich quick scheme, unless they are prepared to help teach you how to advertise. And for $20 I dont think they would, or even give you their phone number to ask them for help.

So when investing online, do a little research, and I think you will find that the number one company is number one for a reason!
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