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Creating Your Internet Business Road Map

Feb 29, 2008
The information out there about how to start an internet business is overwhelming. You may find yourself falling into the sales pages and success stories of others and hopping around from one idea to the next but never really arriving anywhere. It is very common for someone new to starting a business on the internet - whether it be affiliate marketing, product creation and sales, membership sites, or whatever - to fall into information overload syndrome. This is where you search and read and website hop, seeking the get-rich-quick answers to all your money-making questions. You'll find yourself spinning your wheels, going from one plan to the next. While some of the info is valuable, so much more of it is not.

My advice? Start with one thing, learn it, and put it into action. If it earns good money for you - great! If not, keep improving on it but at the same time move into the next business idea you have, learn it, put it into action and see where it goes.

All these steps require a road map of sorts. I like to call it an internet business "road map." It's much like a business plan but that term tends to overwhelm people as it has such corporate-like complexity to it. Your business road map is a starting point that you set and a map of all the stops you plan to make along the way to creating your internet business. It details where you are, where you want to go, and all the steps needed to get there.

Because you are at the beginning of your road you will need to be flexible with your plans and factor in learning and side trips. It's okay to make changes to your road map as you proceed down the road. As you learn, things change. New ideas present themselves and you decide on taking a different path. Your internet business road map is yours to route and reroute as you wish. The important thing is that you have a map, a plan. Without it you will certainly become caught up in info overload wheel-spinning that might make you a little bit of money here and there but will not help you develop a successful business.

So what does a Business Road Map look like? Something like this:

Step 1 - Research/learn website basics including HTML, FTP, domains, payment processors, auto responders, and blogging.

Step 2 - Research and learn internet business models, product creation and sales, public label rights, reseller rights, affiliate marketing, membership sites, traffic and list building.

Step 3 - Choose a project to start with. For affiliate marketing, set up squeeze pages, auto responders, and a blog. Get traffic through articles and blog posts. Then promote the product.

Step 4 - Choose a project as a product creation. Brainstorm a topic to write about. Research the topic popularity and the searchs per day. Research existing private label rights products to rewrite or outsource, or write from scratch. Produce PDF, video, or audio products. Set up a squeeze page. INvite joint venture partners. Promote your product.

And so on. As you gain experience each new step will become more streamlined and easier to implement. And all of these projects become your internet business empire. Thanks to your business road map you place one foot in front of the other, and proceed steady and surely. You'll learn a lot on the way, gain a lot of respect for doing it well, and will be better equipped to take your business to the next level.
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