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Is It A Good Idea To Be Controversial With Your Blog?

Feb 29, 2008
Why choose your blog? Millions of blogs talk about and are filled with the same information yours is. If you want success and your blog to be noticed you have to somehow make yours different. The best way to make your blog different is by being bold and sometimes a little controversial.

The first thing that needs to be bold is your title. Your title is the first thing that is read; if your title is boring the reader will not get past it and be willing to move on to the actual text. When wrting a title, Instead of writing Tips to eat healthier and feeling better, write 5 ways to get a killer body and feel amazing. See how much catchier the second title is. It is focusing on a specific subject and appeals to a particular audience.

Choosing a subject-
When you are choosing a subject for your blog target a specific group. When you pick a general subject your blog ends up being bland and boring. You end up writing about something and along the same lines as fifty million other blogs out there.

After you have choosen a subject and started writing your blog stop and think about these three things. First, would you be willing to read this based on the headline? Second, Could you see this on the front page of a website or newspaper? Third, Would you be willing to have this article linked to your blog if someone else had written it?

When choosing your subject make sure you avhe adequate research to back it up. People don't always trust you and if you are starting with a bold or controversial subject you need other professional's opinions to help build your foundation. If you don't have enough research for your particular topic, choose something else.

The Consequence-Just like anything controversial and bold people are going to have their own opinion. How you deal with their reaction and opinion will greatly determine the success or your blog. The most important thing to remember is that you have to earn the trust and respect of the people who visit your site. you are all equal and they expect you to treat them that way.
The easiest way to deal with rude comments or someone who doesn't agree with you is privately. Although there rebuttal may be public, keep yours private. You really have two options, you can both ignore the comment and move on oryou can professionally email them either explaining your side or figuring outhow you can change their mind or make a difference in their opinion.

Take negative reviews as constructive criticism and have a sense of humor. You might be suprised at how much your readers actually know about your subject form experience. There reviews could really help you out. Overall the most important thing is to enjoy your work and have a sense of humor about whatever comes along. When you take things lightly and learn from others the whole process is easier and more effective for everyone.
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