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Getting People To Respond To Your Blog

Feb 29, 2008
Catchy Headlines and Solid Conclusions- Generating comments on your blog can be easier than you think. The first thing to get rid of is any log in required for making comments. This will allow more people to comment and inspire those people that are too lazy to log in comment.

Remember to focus on catchy headlines but don't forget it is just as important to have solid conclusions. People forget to pay as much attention to the conclusion as the headline. If you want to invite comments and questions you have to wrap things up in a way that invites them. Before writing your conclusion think about what needs to be said so the reader feels like they need to respond. If you don't conclude your blog correctly the reader may find it enjoyable but will never respond with comments and questions.
One of the best ways to invite questions is by finishing your blog with open ended questions and loose ends. Wrapping things up and cutting them off to tightly has the ability to cut the reader off and make them feel like there is no room to make comments or ask questions.

You create the same outcome when you overload your blog. This happens when you write everything there is to be said on a particular topic. The reader feels like there is no need for their opinion because you have given every ones already. Closing with open ended questions and room for response allows the reader to be as much of an expert as you.
Respond to comments

One important thing to remember is if you don't respond to peoples comments and questions they probably won't keep posting them. When you interact and respond to comments in makes the person feel valued and important. When they feel this way they are much more likely to keep commenting. If they do something particularly good don't be afraid to draw attention to them. The more you interact with the comments the more likely you are to get future comments and even more readers.

Always be humble and never make someone feel like they posted a bad or dumb comment. When someone feels like they are being constantly watched and criticized they don't feel comfortable and won't comment. When you show grace and humility they are more willing to open up and more freely comment.

There is one thing that will always get readers interested and comments, controversy. People always want to put in their opinion when the topic is controversial. Controversy will more easily get readers involved in your blog. There is a catch; you have to be willing to carefully monitor any controversy because you don't want less vocal members to get scared away by the disagreement. When you add controversy to your blog you have to set boundaries. When boundaries are set it creates direction from comments and therefore enables more people to comment. Overall well managed comment sections with interaction and open topics are attractive to readers and will inevitably create more comments on your future blogs. In the end you have to cater to the needs of your readers, that is the best way to get comments.
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