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Selling Your Blog Effectively

Feb 29, 2008
Keeping your blog a business. In order for you to have a successful blog that will sell for a decent amount you have to remember that your blog is a business and needs to be treated like one. In order for your business to be successful you have to be willing to put in the time and effort required. Part of this is being willing to get others involved. Having a successful and profitable blog requires the voice of more than onve person. Don't be afraid to ask friends and faimly, or even hire others to help you.

Worth of my blog? Before you can successfully sell your blog you have to know its true value. What you feel your blogs true value and what your blogs actaul value are can be two entirely different prices. Also make note that online websites tend to have a lower value than other businesses because they are extremely high risk.

The best way to estimate your blogs value is through a simple equation developed by a few experts. value =2x estimated yearly revenue + blog premium - running costs. When using this equation keep in mind that 2x is usually used for a starting bid, if you are wanting to create a buy now asking price replace 2x with 4x.

Finding Buyers. Unless your blog is the top of its class you ar going to have to search for buyers. One of the best ways to search for buyers is through your own blog. Make a public announcement or post through your blog that you are considering selling.
If that doesn't get some interested buyers turn to blogging networks, approach them about buying your blog. If neither of these works you can always resort to hiring a professional. Hiring someone could be a worthwhile investment, although it costs money a professional will be able to market your blog and get top dollar out of it.

Creating a folder. The last thing you need to do is pull together all of your blog statistics. The most effective way to do this is by crating a folder with all of your blogs information that can easily be emailed to prospecive buyers.

There are a few key things that need to be included in your folder. One of the most important things to include in your folder is your monthly earnings and traffic. You need to be able to ahve proof and include between 3 and 6 months of preavious earnings and traffic.

Having proof and information on these things will make your blog more marketable and buyers more interested. Buyers also want to know the age of your blog and how fast it is growing. When your file don't forget to include the expenses. A potential buyer needs to know how much is being spent each month to keep the blog running. Don't forget to include any time and help that you are getting form friends, family, or employees. There are often hidden costs involved in running a blog that potential buyers need to be aware of.vcxq
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