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Make A Great "About Me" Page For Your Blog

Feb 29, 2008
If you want people to read your profile page and get to know you, you are going to have to write it about them. This may be hard at first because your natural thought is, this is my page and it should be about me. Let's be honest it isn't about you. It is actually about what you can do for your reader.There is time is precious and they chose your page for a reason, don't let them regret it.

Your page still needs to have information about you on it, that information just needs to be written in a way that will help out the reader. Mainly focus on the things you have done in life that help the consumer. When talking about your credentials, phrase it so that you show your readers what you can do for them. Instead of saying I have been in the marketing business for thirty years, say i have been i the marketing business for thirty years and while in the marketing business i have done this, this, and this to help out my clients and make them successful. This will show your readers how useful you are to them.

One of the most important things to remember is the attention span of your readers, if you don't already know it is short. They only have a few minutes and this means you only have a few minutes to make a good first impression. Depending on what kind of message you send will depend on what kind of response you get to your blog. That is exactly why your profile page is so important and the messgae it sends is even more important. Sending the right message can make or break your blog.

What can I have on my page? A picture is something that you should have on your page. You can't possible write all the things a picture can say for you. A good and appropriate picture will allow the reader to come into your life and really get to know you. You need a good picture to help break down the barriers that are already there. When someone sees you they feel like they can relate and you immediatly become a real person with feelings and a life just like them.

Don't be afraid to write exactly how you are. Don't be afraid of grammar that is a little off or sometimes wrong. Readers would rather have you be yourself with a few faults then something you are not. The one thing that does matter is spelling. Although most people let grammar go they won't except a page with words that have been spelled wrong. Finally read everything you write out loud. This will help you to decided if it actually makes sense. Don't be afraid to continually make changes or update yor profile depending on the changes in your life.

Never forget almost all the information you provide on your blog can be found somewhere else. You are the reason someone chose your blog over another. Be willing to sell yourself and continue to sell yourself.
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