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Feb 29, 2008
Most people do not think of a graphic as part of their online list building tool arsenal. In this case when I say a graphic, I am not talking about a header graphic, footer, or flashy ad graphics. What I am talking about is a way to represent your newsletter or Internet marketing email tips series with a graphic.

Increase Opt in Rate on Your Squeeze Page.

There is quit a lot of evidence that has been accumulated by very successful Internet marketers that having a visual representation for your newsletter, free report, free audio or email marketing tips series can improve your opt in rate by as much as 100%. Sounds like a bold boast, doesn't it?

To verify if this works you will need to test it for yourself. Testing will show you just how well the graphic you selected and added to your squeeze page will improve your email marketing program

Design Your graphic to show value.

You simply do not want to skimp on creating your graphic. If you don't have graphic design skills, either hire someone to create it for you, or get a software program you can learn to use to do it.

You will want to ask yourself, what would a magazine, report cover, cd case, etc, look like that you believe would be attractive enough that your target market would give you their name and email address in exchange for. If you are doing it yourself you don't have to be perfect but you do want something that looks professional and will attract your target market. If you are paying a graphic designer be sure to describe just what you are looking for to them.

Size Does Matter.

Be sure when you create or have your graphic created, that you get it in several different sizes. You will need a large view if you have a page that tells your website visitors all about your newsletter or internet marketing tips email series. You will need a smaller view if you use a squeeze page that fits a normal screen and you will need a very small size for using in a side bar display just above the opt in box on your web pages.

Graphics are a great way to draw attention and to show increased value in what you offer. Think of it like this, if it is valuable enough for you to have a professional graphic for it then it is valuable enough for me to give you my name and email for it.

It is all about creating value in the mind of your visitor. The more value you appear to have created, the more likelihood you will get that person to join your email marketing program.
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