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Making Friends With Your Email Marketing List

Feb 29, 2008
Your email marketing strategy starts with the confirmation email. In this email you will use your auto responders email marketing tools to personalize the first email you send to your opt in email list. You will use your subscribers first name in the subject line (only if it naturally fits in the subject line text), at the beginning of the email and no more than once in the email body.

Do not be afraid to personalize in your newsletter. Give bits of personal information to your email marketing list as long as the information you give highlights the lesson or product you are writing about. It is not all about you - in fact it is not about you at all. It is about what your email marketing list wants and fulfilling your email marketing strategy.

As part of your email marketing program you want to Let your readers get to know you. You want to share your likes and dislikes with them. You want to tell them about your pets, and give them a little peek into your life now and then. You DO NOT want to do it outside the context of the email marketing strategy you setup to begin with and you positively do not want to tell long personal stories about yourself unless that is the market you are catering to.

Remember, it's important to respect your email marketing lists time and it is important to keep your email moving in a single direction with clear indication of what you want your reader to do. Your readers loyalty and trust will increase over time as they feel they have gotten to know something about you and know that you are more concerned with their "what's in it for me". Your readers have to feel that your focus is on their best interest.

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Program.

Even if you call it an email marketing tips series I call it a newsletter. The only things I don't call a newsletter are ezines and product reviews. In your first email that goes out on day 0 you want to thank your new opt in list member for subscribing to your newsletter and downloading your free gift.

You will also put the download link for your free offer in this email so that if they didn't get your free offer they can get it now. They will of course have access to your initial sales offer on the download page as well. This gives them a second chance without violating the original offer.

Now you have gotten your opt in list members started on the right foot. You have also shown yourself to be a person of your word and have given the a valuable information product free. Next it will be time to separate your email marketing list putting the buyers in one and your non-buyers in another.
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