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7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

Aug 17, 2007
The term 'network marketing' immediately brings to mind two popular names - I'm sure you can think of them. These brands follow a marketing policy of direct sales, where the distributor is in direct contact with the consumer, eliminating the need of middlemen. Network marketing is also known as multi-level marketing or direct sales.

The way network marketing has been projected by the companies and over-eager network marketers has created a negative image about the business. This is no get-rich-quick business, nor is it an easy moneymaking scheme as projected by most distributors to lure new members. Network marketing is serious business that takes time to develop.

Network marketing is a business opportunity for distributors to:

Develop their own network of member-distributors

Generate more business and earn handsome commission incomes

Anyone trying to fool you into joining his or her group by making false pronouncements should ideally be left alone. It is best to join a network group that seriously is interested in promoting the company's business and watching the interest of fellow member-distributors. Your network marketing business is bound to steadily grow under such a committed group.

To make sure that your business takes the upward curve, here are 7 tips for Network Marketing Success. These tips have been tried and tested by various network marketers with huge success.

It will be in your best interest to join a reputed company that has been around for long. Product-based companies have a better standing. Make sure of the product-quality so that you can have repeat orders. Look at the company's growth chart of the past few years, and you will know how it has been faring. Ask for professional information on the board of directors and look at their career growth. The compensation package that the company offers is worth discussing with senior distributors or company officials.

You will hear from every network marketer about the power of duplication. Successful network marketers have always followed a certain sales pitch that has been duplicated repeatedly. Multi-level marketing companies have a typical distribution system that needs to be followed to ensure success in networking business.

Your direct ascendants, known as the 'upline' in network marketing parlance, need to be supportive and helpful in developing your business. When your prospective upline takes you for the first time to attend a business meeting, take the opportunity to learn about the entire group that you intend joining. Join them only if they are dynamic, successful, and have a helping attitude.

Do not join full-time after leaving your job. It is best to start as a part-timer and take a decision only when you have a substantial income from your network marketing business.

Join only if you also have the attitude to work hard and help your 'downlines' as your business progresses. If you do not take the lead in training your downlines, it will be sheer wastage of time, money and effort, as they will not be able to do business. Support them whenever they need your help. The initial period is very crucial for if they are supported and trained well, they will jump onto the right track, otherwise they may lose interest in the business.

If you have a website, follow up your leads through autoresponders, so that you are in touch with your prospects. A key to success in network marketing is efficient and effective follow up.

Be prepared to have a team consisting of an accountant, chartered accountant etc. to help you with legal requirements associated with your big earnings.

Go through the tips again before you take the final plunge, for network marketing is a great opportunity for people who follow the right pattern and the right advice.
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