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Private Label Rights: The Fastest Way To Build An Opt-In List

Feb 29, 2008
You are probably aware of Private Label Rights products, but do you really understand how valuable they can be when it comes to getting your internet marketing business off to a flying start?

In a nutshell, with Private Label Rights, you get instant content for your site, or more importantly, opt-in list building give-aways. Oh yes!

Why the excitement? Simple really. When you start out you want quick results . . . dont you?
I thought so. Well before you run off and buy all those ebooks, promising the latest whizz-bang technique for earning a quick fortune on the web, let me tell you a little secret. Ready?

Almost all of them will tell you the same thing. The money is in the list. And the thing is, they are right.

We have all heard the top Gurus with massive lists, telling us they earn $1000s with a single email. Well once again, they are right. It is simply a numbers game. Let us say you have a list of 20,000 subscribers. It is not hard to imagine sending them an email, with your recommendation for a product you are an affiliate for, and having 1% of your subscribers buy the product, is it? That is 200 sales. What if you earned $20 per sale as an affiliate? Now maths is not my strongest subject, but that is $4000 right? For sending one email.

Some marketers have smaller lists but some have much larger. And what if more than 1% of their subscribers got their wallet out, or your commission was more than $20? Oh yes!

Would you like to build your own list like that? OK, back to Private Label Rights. The best way to build your list, the gurus tell us, is with an opt-in or squeeze page. Normally a one page website, offering something of value to a potential subscriber. This can be info, an e-course, newsletter or valuable free product/ebook etc. The subscriber puts in their name and email address and is added to your list. They then receive the info or gift and subsequent emails from the list owner. Simple enough right?

But if you dont have your own product or you are new to internet marketing, what do you offer potential subscribers? Correct . . . Private Label Rights products.

You can find products to match virtually any subject you are aiming for. There is even PLR website building, opt-in page and autoresponder software. How great is that?

You can then work hard to build your subscribers trust, by giving them more useful info, advice and freebies, via your emails. But avoid being selfish. Always give far more than you receive and your list will hopefully warm to you.

Once you learn the ropes, try another niche. Just rinse and repeat. (Another guru phrase) Keep in mind though, that you are not going to get 20,000 subscribers overnight. It takes a little work, trial and error and application. But who cares?

Learn how to use PLR until you develop your own products and think a little longer term. Treat your subscribers as the friends you would like them to be and you will get there.
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