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The Different Types Of Resale Rights

Feb 29, 2008
There are many different kinds of resale rights in the internet marketing world. As you may already know, there are many different kinds of them that you can buy or sell. Here are the main types:

- Resale Rights

This gives you the right to resell a product to an end user. This can apply to both physical and digital products. Where a digital product is concerned, you resell the product and keep 100% of the profits without losing the enjoyment of the same product as digital products are duplicable in nature.

- Basic Resale Rights
You have the right to resell the product but your customer does not have the right to resell it to another. You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make.

- Master Resale Rights
You have the right to resell the product as well as the Basic Resale rights itself to your customers. Your customers can in turn resell the same book to their customers. The Master Resale rights can either be bundled together with the purchase of the product or purchased separately from the product.

- Private label rights
This is the mother lode of all resale rights! Buying private label rights usually give you the right to change the product in any way you like, put your own name on it, sell resale rights or even master resale rights to others and basically use and treat the product as it were your own creation.

- Give Away Rights
You can give the product away for free. In most cases, however, you cannot resell and/or edit it.

- Royalty Rights

You have to pay the original product author or franchiser a percentage of every sale made by you. This right normally applies to physical products. McDonald's and books found in bookstores are very good examples that demonstrate this right.

At times you can purchase a product and it will automatically come with either basic or master resale rights. Other times, you purchase the product and the other rights separately. In either case, once you have some type of rights to a product, you may then begin making sales and you get to keep 100% of the profits.

This is just like having a product of your own. The only difference is that you are not authorized to change anything about the product and the product creator's name remains on the product.

I'll bet that you even own rights to products already and you may not even realize it. You see, many products on the internet are sold with many rights already. So, make sure that you read the sales letters carefully!
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