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Why Do You Need An Opt-In List Building System?

Aug 17, 2007
Donna held her breath. She slammed on the brakes,but her car did not stop! The unfortunate deer just stood there frozen. It did not move out of harm's way. The windshield shattered to a thousand pieces. Not a chance the poor deer would survive the impact of an incoming massive vehicle at 60 miles per hour!

Donna had been driving her car with a faulty braking system! During this life and death nick of time moment, her braking system did not respond in time to avoid a deadly head on collision.

Fortunately Donna was okay. Her safety air bag saved her from a certain bodily injury.

What does this action sequence of events have anything to do with our subject? Nothing! However, there is just one thing we need to extract out of the context of this incident-a faulty breaking system-a faulty system-a system.

The word system is defined as an organization of
functionally units interacting together to achieve a common goal. A braking system is organized with functional units that interact together to help a moving vehicle to slow down and finally stop.

If a unit in a system is missing, or is malfunctioning, it may not help achieve toward its
common goal. In the case of Donna's car braking system there was a malfunctioning unit that prevented the car from slowing down fast enough to avoid colliding with a scared frozen animal on the road. Or to give the deer enough time to react and move out of the way.

We live in a world of systems. We live in the solar system that is part of a galaxy system. We live in a world of government systems, law systems, school systems, business systems, and the list goes on and on. Ultimately, we live and die by our beliefs systems.

Some systems are discovered, some are obsolete, some are modified, and others are created. Organized businesses rely on many systems to be profitable. They rely on a structure system, accounting, and a marketing system just to mention a few. Each system may have several layers of subsystems to operate properly.

The word system is also described as a way of
proceeding. As a method or a set of procedures for
achieving something. The literal meaning of the word system means to "cause to stand." Therefore,if any organized business has a tested and proven system, a proven way to do things, a set of proper procedures, then this business will be "caused to stand" in a profitable way.

To build your online business you must have a client base or customer/prospect list. Building your online business is like building a house. You do not build a house without first laying the foundation. Before you can lay the foundation, you have to take certain steps. You have to plan your budget, choose a lot, hire a team of design and construction experts, choose a plan to decide what size and style you want your house to be, and negotiate a contract.

These are just a few of the most important steps needed before you can even pour the foundation to
build your house! Therefore, to build your business, first you need to build a foundation for your business, which is called the client base, or customer/prospect list. Without it your business will not stand strong and profitable. That is why you need to work on laying your foundation for your business first, and a list building system will build and cause your business to stand profitable.

To be successful online, you have got to have a system in place-a system to develop, and grow a massive and highly responsive customer/prospect list for your business. To develop this kind of list, you must have a system with a plan of action. You need certain components, apply certain strategies, and execute them in combination to create a synergistic outcome.

The Importance of building your own opt-in list.

Whether you are an affiliate, network marketer, or
have some type of online business, first, you must realize the importance of building your own list. Just as a foundation is extremely important to build a house, a client base or customer/prospect list is extremely important to an online business. An online marketer may promote an offer through his/her website, a business opportunity, a service, or a product. He/she can spend thousands of dollars in advertising, buying leads, and other types of business promotions, and after all of that, he/she may end up with only a few sales, and/or a few sign ups.

Many of them may say they are making money because
they're making some sales and getting some sign-ups, but they surely will not say how much they are spending in advertising. Or how deep a hole they are digging themselves into with credit card debts. They will not say that in order to get a few sign ups or a few sales they had to spend $1,200! This has happened to many of today's top Internet marketers and they will tell you how much money they have wasted when they were rookies, and some of them look at it as a learning experience. But you've got to have a massive list of responsive subscribers to make it BIG on the Internet!

Imagine for a moment having a list of 100,000 subscribers. That is a large number. Imagine sending out a special offer for a valuable product to a list of that size. A product that will earn you a $5 commission per sale, and the response rate of your list is 3%. You can easily make $15,000 in one single mailing! This is not a rental email list that you would pay to send your ad. I am talking about having a list of your own, a list you have built for your online business only. That's an average response rate of a good list, but a highly responsive list will yield a much higher percentage!

Now imagine having an opt-in list of 100,000
subscribers with a response rate of 40% to 60%...The
profit results would be massive! This is exactly the sort of thing that top online marketers do. This is what allows them to earn a six and seven figure income with out sweating it. You have probably received emails from top online marketers announcing: "find out how I earned $30,000 or $100,000 over the weekend." It's that possible? Sure it is! Then they go on to tell you what they did, and so forth. But, what they don't tell you is that they already have an astronomical prospectlist! Top online marketers know how extremely important a list is to their online business so they take care of their list. Aside from literally spending fortunes in advertising on the Internet, having a massive list of highly responsive subscribers is practically the only way to be successful in the online business world.
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