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How Does Branding Help In Retaining And Getting Repeat Customers

Feb 29, 2008
A great branding campaign is an asset to your business and is sure to pull in repeat business. Here are the reasons why:

Inspires trust: -
A branded product or service tends to inspire confidence in people because there is the perception that the quality of service will be higher. This is usually because the branding makes the product or service easily identifiable and it becomes more important to the business to maintain a good reputation. People tend to view unbranded products with a little bit of suspicion due to the pervasiveness of branding in every sector of business. Retaining customers is a factor of trust, a brand is able to create in their minds.

Builds brand identity: -
Customers associate a certain image with a brand name product or service so in one sense, a business without branding is a business with no identity. Once a customer has purchased a product or service from a business and is satisfied with it, branding allows the customer to locate the business easily again and get repeat business. For instance, if you were to eat the best ice cream in the world at a little drive by ice cream place, you're not likely to remember its name, or anything beyond the taste of the product. But with branding, it is likely that you will remember some other little detail that will help you find the place again or locate it in your own town.

Know what to expect: -
Along with identity, a major portion of repeat customer business comes from satisfying and living up to a set standard each time. Branding suggests to the customer's mind that you have established certain standards and will deliver on these every time you sell a product or service. This means that the customer has an idea what to expect and comes back for the same experience again. One of the functions of retaining a customer is to provide the same level of service and branding carries the connotation that you will do that.

Growth with branding: -
Branding can be an essential part of the growth of a business. It is the backbone of expansion simply due to the fact that it provides you the opportunity to use the good image that you already have in place and replicate your success. For instance, going back to the earlier example, if you were to eat this great non-branded ice cream, you'd probably rave about it and then forget it after a while. If you were to eat one that was branded, you'd probably notice the next time you passed another ice cream place with the same branding and then become a repeat customer. You'd know that you could get this product at different places and would look for it closest to your own home.

Aspirational brands: -
In case of lifestyle brands, the repeat sale is about the experience and branding makes all the difference in retaining customers in this section of the market. If you are able to sell a great experience to the customer along with a great product or service, the customer is sure to come back and give you repeat business.
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