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How To Prepare For An Executive Position

Feb 29, 2008
For any organisation be it large or small, are always on the lookout for new leaders with fresh ideas and who can steer the company into higher grounds. Often these companies rack up the job specification making it available to a particular calibre. These are mainly graduates with experience in finance or on rare occasions, they may recruit their own interns. This is usually unlikely due to the demands of the job and the demand to get the job.

This is where executive recruitment agencies come in useful for job seekers and organisations alike. Nevertheless, even a recruitment agency such as this one can be strict on the selection process. Many agencies these days build their reputation on hiring the best for high quality clients. Although the agency take a small fee from the client, the option to work with an agency provides a better chance in getting the first step onto that career ladder and provide the employer with the staff they need.

For any candidate working towards an executive position, the first thing they must come to terms with is that the competition is fierce. All business and executive recruitment agencies look for career hungry and ambitious people. It is always advisable for candidates to draw up a plan of action, asking questions like; where would they like to work, what would they need to do gain employment there, what is the position they are after and what does the position entail?

Executive recruitment agencies can help the candidate in preparing for the role they desire, however, they cannot guarantee a definite employment place. This boils down to the candidate and their interviewing skills (coaching can be given by the recruitment agent). The candidate must focus on what they need to say, how to answer unexpected questions and draw up questions about the company showing that they have researched what the company does, and that they have a genuine interest in working for the company.

All employers want to see what you can do for them, how you will benefit the company and what you can bring to the company to make a difference. The recruitment agencies will encourage you to find out more about them, plan your questions in advance and even offer a practise interview so you have a better idea of what to expect. Using examples of your own previous work experience, skills and knowledge is a great way to show that you use your own initiative, possess the ability to think laterally and are logical in your approach.

Another thing to consider when applying for an executive position is how well you have demonstrated your leadership skills and whether you will be able to demonstrate the same sort of skill with this company. This is where having a two strong references will help in boosting your chances of employment with the company.

Finally, the most important part of your preparation also lies in your motivation, dedication and positive attitude. Employers and executive recruitment agencies will quickly pick up the kind of person you are judging by the way you talk and present yourself in the interview. It is true that one should not be too over confident, further still if you are able to work well in a team. However, with any leadership or executive role, you need to demonstrate a high level of confidence, ambition and drive. Therefore, you need to be able to trust your own judgement and maintain a high level of working standard.
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Anna Stenning has in the past approached executive recruitment agencies for advice and upon doing this was able to establish a good step into her chosen career. For more information this sector of employment and recruiting information visit http://www.prismrec.co.uk/
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