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Search Engine Optimization - A Novice's Guide

Mar 1, 2008
Even if you are a novice to the world of online marketing, you can still do a few simple Search Engine Optimization techniques on your site to help increase your search engine exposure. The golden rule to successful SEO is to make your site friendly to your human visitors in addition to the search spiders and robots on the web. If the visitors are not happy with your site, they will not return to it, even if you have top rankings on the search engines. It does not take a genius to make your site efficient.

Landing Page

Make sure that your landing page gives the answer the visitor was looking for. Generally there are two reasons for anyone to search on a search engine - to find information on a product/service or to find a product/service. Even though there are people who do not know how to use proper keywords for their search or frame their question correctly, it is also utterly frustrating to go through pages and pages of a website to seek the answers only to be lead to old or non-relevant information. Search Engine Optimization professionals see to it that a user does not have to click more than twice, after reaching the site, to get the desired information.

Loading Time

Loading time is important because statistics say that if your page takes more than thirty seconds to load, then there are good chances of the searchers moving onto a different site to seek the information, even before your page opens up. If your page is very graphic with videos and images and has unnecessary popping smiley faces, then it is bound to take a long time to open. This will not help yoru SEO efforts. Sites that use animation can hold the attention for some time, but it does not add any value to the information provided on the site. Not to mention potentially increasing the download time significantly.

Link Right

Keep a tab on your websites link-ability. Each link should send the visitors exactly where they want to go. Internal links should be in order and should have a smooth process of navigation; ultimately navigating a casual surfer in to a dedicated customer. Always check for dead and dangling links, both for internal as well as external links. If the links don't work then your Search Engine Optimization could suffer.


Another way to increase your natural listings and rankings is by keeping the content as interesting and fresh as possible. You can achieve that by posting original, crisp and interesting articles worth reading. They should be updated regularly and be rich in keywords that are placed strategically in the content.


These simple but effective things if kept in mind can bring forth a positive change in the traffic on your site. Search Engine Optimization involves a lot more things but the above points are just the basics, which anyone can master. Make your site human, robot and spider friendly and watch them return again and again for the latest information.
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