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Finding a Good Truck Driving School

Mar 1, 2008
So, you have planned to make truck driving your career because you want more money or you love to hit the road? However, to get your dream job you need to learn professional truck driving from a truck driving School. This will help you to get Commercial Driving License (CDL), without which no person is allowed to drive a truck and you will also get placement assistance, if it is a good school.

There are a few points you should consider before signing a learning contract with any school. If you wish to work with a particular company, first go and clarify if they take people only from a particular driving school. If not, then you can make your own search to find the best possible school for yourself. You should compare the prices of different schools and also the number of facilities they provide like placement assistance or skid pad driving.

Many schools pay for your traveling expenses so find out that as well. Again, many schools have high fees, but if you agree to work with them for a certain period of time, they accept you as their students, while deducting the tuition fees from your salary every month when you work with them for the stipulated time.
You also need to check out costs of other pre-qualifying tests like DOT physical and Drug screen, application and registration fees, license, loan fees, books, insurance, lodging, transportation and other applicable fees. Also read the school policies before signing the enrollment contract. Make sure to know the refund policy in case you need to leave the school.

A very important point to be clarified is to know how many students there would be, per instructor. Lesser the number of students, the better is the training. If you are getting one-to-to training in some institute, it is always better for you opt for that, of course keeping other points in mind. Usually 3 to 5 months of training period is sufficient to learn truck driving. Many schools claim to provide 160 hours of training. But that also includes break timings and observation time. Be sure to confirm the number of hours you will get as classroom teaching and practical training.

Schools that have high educational standards can receive accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education. Such schools have instructors with a minimum of 3 years of driving experience and also a background in formal education. It is not necessary that if a school is not accredited it does not have high standards. If a school is proving you minimum 44 hours of driving time it is a good school. To be sure ask the present students if the school really provides training for the number of hours it claims.

Some schools provide skid pad training that is highly practical. In it, you are trained to drive on a giant special surface that is wet with water. This is done to train you to manage a truck after it has skid on a wet road.

A very important thing that is not to be missed is to find out if the school provides placement assistance. It is really no good if you have a CDL, but there is no one to hire you. Some companies want you to go through their own training program to provide you with the CDL and employment. It would be wise to know this beforehand, rather than paying twice for your training. Usually, the training provided by these companies is of high standards, as they do not want amateurs to drive their trucks.

With these few useful tips you are sure to find a good truck driving school, which will teach you to hit the road with confidence.
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