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global resorts network - why it works

Mar 1, 2008
Are you one of the millions of Americans that have seen the value of your home decrease substantially over the past 18 months? You also may be wondering which bills have to be paid this month and which ones can wait until next month. Are you evaluating options on how to supplement your current income? Well, please continue reading the rest of this article about Global Resorts Network because it could be the answer you have been looking for.

During my due diligence of investigating over hundreds of online home marketing businesses, I became very leery of those promising thirty thousand of income within my first 30 days. You should too. While it may be possible to achieve such impressive results in such a short time, it is a good probability they are overstating to get you to join. I found many of the sponsors in Global Resorts Network were more focused on signing new members rather than training and mentoring the one's they already recruited. One thing I have learned, it takes training to develop a complete understanding of the business to be a successful associate with Global Resorts. The business is not difficult to learn, it just takes some time to learn it and set it up. An experienced mentor that prioritizes training and education of the business should be of primary importance in the decision making process when planning to join Global Resorts Network.

Be skeptical of the sponsors that claim big earnings from the outset. If they tell you will make big money when you first start out, there is a strong probability they are telling you that to entice you to join. In order to be a top earner in Global Resorts, consistent training and recruitment practice is essential. Additionally, strong marketing and a recognized personal brand will be invaluable in achieving the level of success with Global Resorts Network.

The Global Resorts Network program is an excellent opportunity and is superior in the home business arena. There is real value in the membership alone. When you can find savings from $1,000 to $2,400 the membership fee is paid for on vacations. The program guarantees a weekly rate of not less than $298 and not more than $699 for you entire family. Typically, the network of resorts inside of the Global program consists largely of 4 and 5 star facilities in over 70 countries. There are no annual fees, unlimited annual usage of travel (of course depending on availability), and you may transfer your membership to a direct family member at any time. The travel benefit of Global Resorts Network costs less than most time share programs and is far superior in regards to flexibility offered within the program. So, the product by itself, sells itself for those interested in purchasing a resort membership plan.

From a business perspective, Global Resorts Network's compensation plan is called "Perpetual Leverage" and is one the most powerful pay plans in the business. As a platinum member, you start earning commissions after your first sale and will continue to earn commissions on sales made be down line members to unlimited depths. The earning potential for a significant six figure annual income with Global Resorts is real and I encourage you to investigate this business opportunity by visiting my website at http://www.bobchianelli.com.

Think about it. If you are considering betting involved with a lucrative home business, when would be a better time then right now? Despite the economic worries plaguing the U.S. today: inflation, rising fuel & oil prices, depreciating home values, a weakening U.S. dollar, rising unemployment, a slowing economy, and a historic presidential race, people will still take vacations! People will welcome an opportunity to join Global Resorts Network because it provides quality vacations at heavily discounted rates. After 2 vacations, your membership is paid for! Others will become involved because of the significant income potential that exists by becoming a platinum member. Global Resorts is a seasoned company with a great business model.

If you have any interest in getting involved with Global Resorts Network, please consider the following important aspects: a. Be sure the sponsor you join with provides regularly scheduled training sessions. Training is invaluable in getting up to speed quickly b. Make sure your "mentor" is experienced and has a thorough understanding of the business. Do not hesitate to check out their references before joining. c. The product sells itself d. The compensation plan is tops in the industry.

Building a successful business with Global Resorts Network takes a consistent approach in implementing the techniques that are taught by the most reputable teams. Not all teams share the same philosophy related to training and development. Success is not built overnight and Global Resorts is definitely not a get rich quick program. As the economic forecast continues to weaken, it makes sense to do your homework before making decisions on which team to join. I hope the foregoing content has provided you some insights to Global Resorts and will enable you to make the right decision. We welcome the opportunity to discuss things further should it be necessary and feel free to contact me directly at 757-435-2476 or visit my website at http://www.bobchianelli.com.

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If you are ready to join Global Resorts Network please check us out first. We are determined to train and mentor you to success. Our program is designed to make you a top earner with Global Resorts within six months of joining.
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