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How to obtain your Commercial Drivers License

Mar 1, 2008
Driving trucks may not be your ultimate career option, but if you are one of those people who is hell bent on controlling a vehicle that may as well weigh ten thousand pounds, then truck driving is the gig for you. Truck Drivers form an integral part of the US economy. A career in driving trucks, although looked down upon in the past, is seriously gaining some attention. And that may be the main reason why many people are applying for a CDL, i.e., a Commercial Drivers License. There are more than 7 million truck drivers in the US as of today and the Government certainly cannot handout the license for driving such heavy vehicles to anybody who walks in asking for one. So that's the reason why the Government has come up with something known as the Commercial Drivers License.

There are many companies that could help you get your commercial drivers license by offering a short course for three to four weeks. One thing that you have to remember in the beginning itself is that once you have enrolled into any of these trucking companies, you have to sign a contract with them, which simply means that no matter what, but for one year you will be driving for that company only. This may as well be one disadvantage that you may face with respect to approaching trucking companies, but after the one-year period, you are free to find truck-driving jobs anywhere in the country. However, with respect to truck driving schools, there is a catch, they cost a lot. Approaching a trucking company and applying for a CDL program could easily cost you $4000 to $5000.

The bottom line is that approaching a trucking company for getting your license is not a good idea. Therefore, there are two ways around how you can obtain your Commercial Drivers License the easy way. First and foremost, well, go according to the book. This would involve you first getting a DOT physical from your doctor which could cost about $50-$60. Then you are required to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles office and apply for the license class that you wish to obtain. After you are done with the tests, you get your CDL permit, which would cost you about $14. And then, after some practice, take an appointment at any test centre to complete your skills test. This would cost you about $100. This means that, all in all, you would be shelling out around $174 but you may have to spend more if you want to rent a truck for the test, which wouldn't cost you as much.

Then there is the other way, which would involve enrolling yourself into a Vo-Tech school. This is a training program where you will be spending at the most $1200 and once you have graduated from the college, you need not look any further because there are many trucking companies out there who are always looking for fresh graduates with Commercial Drivers License permits. Before you step into taking any decisions, it is advisable that you consult with someone who is experienced in the field or better yet, visit your nearest Vo-Tech for more information.
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