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Search Engine Optimization: Can You Really Ignore It?

Mar 1, 2008
Search Engine optimization or SEO in short is the hottest topic discussed among all web masters and bloggers alike. SEO is the technique of designing a website or a blog in such a way that it attracts search engine spiders which in turn can improve the ranking of the websites and blogs in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.

In simple words the website ranks higher for certain keywords than the competition in the search engine and can get enormous traffic from it.

So those of you who really want to get organic traffic from Search engines, SEO is a must. There's no way you can ignore the importance of SEO. There are thousands of blogs which are being created on an every day basis and are lost in the vast world of the internet.

Most of the bloggers can't figure out the reason for this. A blog may look attractive and have a lot of unique content to offer but imagine the situation where you don't have enough visitors. It can be frustrating and that's why many owners of blogs give up.

Hence, the importance of search engine optimization. SEO gets visitors to your website or blog which in turn if you have monetize your site or blog creates revenue for you. This is why affiliate marketers and adsense users rely so heavy on search engine optimization to make a living in the online world.

Research shows that 82% of the people searching for things on the internet don't go beyond the first 30 search results. Furthermore, 60-65% of people are lazy to even go beyond the first 10 results. So can you really afford not to have your site appearing in the first 10 or 30 search results?

You can always advertise with pay per click but that's a costly affair in the long term. I suggest that you initially focus on properly optimizing your website by doing a lot of keyword research. Then employ a link development strategy. Your link strategy should entail getting links from relevant sites because if the sites that you linking to are not relevant, it will adversely effect your standing in the search engines.

Finally, if you are looking for a number 1 ranking or a consistent high ranking in the search engines be realistic, this doesn't happen overnight. But it all can be possible and a reality for you if you are employing an effective search engine optimization campaign.
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