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Ten Marketing Tactics That Will Grow Your Online Business

Mar 1, 2008
Try these 10 tactics to improve response rates to your online sales letters. By incorporating these approaches into your internet marketing strategies your sales will grow consistently.

Tactic Number 1: Tell your prospects that they will receive bonuses worth (XX dollars) if they order. By not revealing the value of the extra bonuses, potential customers realize they have to order to find out the real bonus values. You would tell them that the bonus values are revealed when they place their order.

Tactic Number 2: This tactic tells your potential customers that you expect the product to sell out for sure. People will be swayed by your confidence. The best way to futher boost that confidence is to predict when the product will run out. For instance, "At the current rate of sales, Product X will be gone in the next 3 days!"

Tactic Number 3: The "We know there are many companies trying to get your business..." tactic will tell prospects you know that they get bombarded every day with various advertisements. You should then tell them you will not share, rent, or even sell information about them to any business. By doing this you will show them you are helping them to reduce their spam and junk mail.

Tactic Number 4: The "No software installation required..." tactic is very powerful when selling a product. Believe it or not, today many folks are still very afraid of dealing with software and computers. They simply do not want the hassle of running complex software in order to get the benefits of your product .

Tactic Number 5: The tactic of having your product able to be "plugged in" is very desirable. What this means is that your product can be adjusted or customized to suit whatever their particular needs are. So you will be telling them your solution will easily blend into whatever their focused situation might be.

Tactic Number 6: The "One Time Lock-in Price" tactic sets up an urgency to purchase your product immediately in order to avoid any ongoing or reoccurring fees. This is done by telling the prospect that if they purchase now there will never be any further fees to keep the updates coming to them. Since most folks do not like these repeating fees and prefer to pay only one time, they will be more likely to purchase immediately. It will also help to create some urgency by giving a deadline date when your product will start be sold by subscription.

Tactic Number 7: One tactic which works well is to key various product benefits to specific people who have had success with your product. This is a powerful method of doing testimonials. Here's how it works: "Customer A used (product benefit Z) to accomplish XX"; "Customer B accomplished "this" by using (product benefit Y). These could be laid out as bullets in your sales letter. Any format which passes on success stories which can be attributed to your product benefits will work fine. Of course having actual customer testimonials is the best.

Tactic Number 8: Here is a tactic which places your future customer as a potential "personal partner" with you if they buy the product. This approach uses as a bonus the option for the customer to promote the product themselves at a special higher commision that ordinary affiliates. Many times providing a ready-made web site works well. You would treat them as special JV partners. If you already have some well known JV affiliates, you may want to pass that information on.

Tactic Number 9: The "Imagination" tactic works when you tell your potential customer to imagine how (the benefits of your product) will change, improve, enrich, and alter their lives. If you can create this dream situation, and the customer does not buy immediately, they may imagine these things while lying in bed at night at a later time and revisit your offer.

Tactic Number 10: The "Do-It-Yourself" tactic stresses the idea of "why do it yourself if (my product) can quickly, easily, more accurately...". You are basically telling potential customers how much harder it will be for them to accomplish some task without using your product. An example..."(My Product) will set up a niche website in 10 minutes rather than the hours necessary if you do this yourself!" You want to put the question in their mind as to why would they do without your product if they can save so much time and effort.

Utilize these approaches to make your sales letters convert at much higher rates.
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