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How To Make Money On The Internet Home Businesses

Mar 1, 2008
You get a phone call from a friend who invites you to go to a meeting at a hotel. When you get there, you find a room full of people who allegedly are there for a "business" meeting. A speaker goes to the podium and introduces the evenings "guest" speaker. As if on cue, the people stand and clap and cheer. The fellow then proceeds to give his rags to riches story and implores you to join him in his "business". This may be your version of a business meeting, but not mine.

Likewise, people are invited to "home" parties and asked to give lists of their friends and family. The business requires them to "sort through" a large number of people to find those who have the drive and ambition to become successful at a network marketing business. Does that sound like something you would want to do? Not me.

Then there is the entire industry of people that will teach you how to get leads, talk to people on the phone, know what style people are, and provide you with "scripts" that cannot fail. There is Renegade Marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring, and a host of other programs that are really information sales programs, not network marketing programs. They work for some people and certainly can make it more feasible for some to be able to perform in a network marketing business.

But really, is it any surprise that 95% of the people who try network marketing never really reach any level of success. Yes, it is true that in most professions that only a few reach the top of their game, but most are able to generate a living from their efforts. Most network marketers never see much if any money from their efforts.

That is just wrong. It is not network marketing that is wrong. It is just that almost all programs just make it too difficult. After all who wants to make hundreds of phone calls to people who probably were just playing on the internet? Who wants to be called by someone to be talked into joining a business when you have never met the person face to face? I would not.

On the other hand, business counselors and planners evaluate businesses every day. They look at the products and the business plan to see if they make sense. If the product has demand and will work in the market place, they then examine the distribution model. The financial side of the business is examined to see if it is profitable and how long it will take to become profitable. If a business will make money in the first year, advisers are normally surprised.

Network marketing should be approached the same way. The compensation plan must have a mathematical basis that works. Commission must be reasonable and allow for a distributor (member) to be able to make good money.

People who look for a home based successful business must understand that it is not a job but a business into which time and money will be invested. It does not have an immediate return but will generate income that grows steadily if persistent effort is applied.

However, the business must be a business, not based on motivational techniques and constant meetings. Real world business does not operate that way.

A good business plan would allow an easily explained compensation plan that pays good commission so that the math makes immediate sense to the prospective business person. The business should be achievable through recommending a minimum number of people to participate for a minimum amount of time. The average person must be able to generate $1,000 to $3,000 worth of income while being able to maintain their existing job and yet have the potential to do much more.

A true network marketing business must allow most people to succeed through its business model, not through having to talk with hundreds of people hoping that a few will "see the light".

You need a simple, simple, simple system and a good consumable product that is desired by the hungry crowd.
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Jim Montgomery is a business owner, business coach and law firm owner in San Antonio, Texas. He helps people get a home business to get what they want. For detailed information on his business system, visit http://www.work-from-home-business-success.info or email him at jemmktg@mac.com.
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