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Build A System Not A Website

Mar 1, 2008
How do your get you affiliate marketing business to grow? Well there are many people out there who are building websites and expecting the money to just come pouring in. Well if that is you I'm here to tell you that is just not going to happen. Why? Because a website is only half the battle or I should say that you are just getting started.

When you first get started in affiliate marketing you have to understand that this is a business and you have to treat it that way. Also understand that you are going to have to work at it. Do you know that over 80 percent of businesses fail in the first 5 years. Why is that? Do you know that as an affiliate marketer that your chances of making it big or just making a decent living from it are slim. Do you know that you will most likely not make it in affiliate marketing or that you will fail?

There is only one way to avoid this and that is to either build a system in which you run your business or plug into and use someone else's. Why do you need a system? Because some of the most successful companies in the world all run on a system. That's what separates them from all the business that fail. Have you ever heard of McDonalds? Have you ever heard of McDonalds going under or failing as a business? Probably not because they run on a system and it's a very successful system too because it is not about the products they sell. Have you ever notice that McDonalds doesn't make the best burgers in town or one better than you can even make. That is because it is not about the food or the products they sell it is about the system they use that makes them successful.

Most people get caught up in having a flashy website or promoting the best products. It's better to have just a plain website that is easy to navigate. As for products you should only try to sell the best products in your niche but it's more about how you sell them.

Having a system that is a step by step process will help you from getting off track in what you are suppose to do that day and keep you from wasting your valuable time.

There are many different ebooks on the internet that claim to have the secret to making money on the internet. Most of them are full of good valuable information but if they don't show you the system they follow they can be completely useless to you.

It is better yet to look for products that offer you systems to follow and are supported by forums where you can get support from other who may be further along in their business than you. Another good idea is signing up for mentor programs that offer support to their system that they have implemented to be successful. Mentors have already been down the road you are traveling and can really cut down on the mistakes you are going to make. You are going to make mistakes along the way unless you have support or a system to follow.

So if you want to be successful you have to create your own system for you affiliate marketing business or plug into someone else's.
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My name is John Falls and can find out more about business systems at Business Systems and build a system not a website.
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