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Assessing Needs - A Critical Tool For Attracting The Right Customers!

Mar 1, 2008
If you are in a managerial position and have just been assigned to head a new department of production, then this is a critical post for the smooth operation and success of that department. Needs assessment is a vital tool that helps you serve the company's customers better. Communication surveys and needs assessment surveys are critical in shaping what products your company brings out. The surveys should be made from a select section of people who may pose as potential clients to your company.

These surveys could be taken on the smaller individual level, or you could assign heads of the various teams to interview people. What you need to know is what changes in the company will boost its communication level, and increase sales thereby. Making the questionnaire is one of the most critical aspects of conducting a survey. If you ask the wrong questions you could never hope to get the right answers. So, prepare the questionnaire keeping in mind not what you already know about the tasks at hand, but what you do not know.

After the survey is complete, the gathered information can be used to better evaluate the needs of the customer and therefore it helps in serving them better. Offer your customers the right communication skills based on what you learn from the survey, and you will definitely see more customers staying loyal to the company. Growth in this manner, may however be a slow process but you will definitely see positive results over a period of time.

Where communication skills and needs assessment is concerned, you may see results long after the sales have been made and the operations are in order. You could also interview the company's employees to get their feedback on what could be improved for the better company performance. You could conduct various interviews using different questionnaires for the different departments of the company, be it manufacturing units, marketing units or design units.

A good needs assessment or communications skills questionnaire should ask questions like -

a. A description of the company's current product needs - questions on this topic

b. Questions on the purchase processes of the company

c. The customers' contact availability when they want to make a purchase - questions on the marketing efficiency

d. The factors that could help the customer decide on a vendor

Questionnaires ensure better long term efficiency, and when you ask your customer these questions, it tells them that your company makes all efforts to help serve them better. In the long run, your company will benefit from these surveys, and you will gradually build your clientele, whatever the scale of your business.
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