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Link Exchange - Red Hot Insider Tips You Need To Know

Mar 1, 2008
With you're website on the Internet you have two goals: the first is to get good-targeted traffic and to obtain sales. In order to be successful in any of these areas, prospective clients must be able to find you, and this is where link exchange programs come into play.

You will have more chances to receive higher traffic if your website is on the first page of every search engine results, ranked one to ten. You can achieve the rank you desired and link popularity is an excellent way for that.

First, your web page should have a section for partner links. Dedicate this section to link exchange only, but make sure this section is listed in the parent directory, to be upfront, not hidden.

Another way to increase your rank is creating sitemaps for your site. Search engines love sitemaps and they will guarantee an increasing rank.

Also, be careful about the sites you make link exchange with, as well as their page ranking levels. Choose sites that are relevant to your own site, as search engine use to stress more on a link that is in the same category, than those that are not.

If you own a car related website then just exchange links with other dog related site, etc. However, make sure that you develop a link exchange program with those websites that have a higher PR.

Some link exchange quick tips:

- Keep your link title short and concise.

- Try to keep your link description brief (less than 200 characters).

- Avoid capitalizing all letters in your link title.

- Do not give the Webmaster a deadline, as it takes from 1 to 60 days or more for them to meet your requests.

- Once a link partner has decided to exchange links with you, and placed your link on his site, do not remove their link partner.

- Tell the Webmaster you have seen their site and make sure they understand why a reciprocal link exchange with your website would be beneficial for them.

- Check if your link pages are search engine friendly, as link pages are easier indexed if they have less than 25 links per page.

- Do not provide untrue information in your link exchange request, as most webmasters won't fall for it and will ignore your request.

- Make sure you categorize your link partners, and start organizing your links for your visitors as well as for your link exchange partners.

- Make sure your links page is linked from your home page.

- Stay away of free-for-all link programs. They offer nothing but unrelated links, and in the end will collect and share your email address, resulting in SPAM in your inbox.

These few tips are only a few small suggestions on how you can build a successful link exchange campaign.

Another great way to develop links is through article writing and article submission. For me, this is my #1 way to generate links and traffic back to my site.

The traffic you receive is highly targeted since the readers of your article are already interested in what you have to say, and therefore click through to your site.

To find out more about making a lot of money with article writing and submission, visit my links below.
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