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Learn To Start A Quilting Business

Mar 1, 2008
Quilting can be addictive, you start out making garments for yourself and your family and then see many other projects that you would like to do. Every time you visit a fabric store, craft shop or quilt shop you get ideas and sooner or later want to make up these projects. This is where your hobby can turned into a money making endeavor. Earn income by doing something you love is one of the best ways to succeed and to enjoy a happy life.

You can start your business with your family and friends, let them know that you are wishing to sell your items and if they could recommend your work to their friends and acquaintances. If you are wishing to take on the craft side of sewing or sewing home wares then you make up a sample range and maybe they would like to have a party for you to help get things off the ground. The winter months and the time leading up to Christmas can be the best time to make sales. Contacting anybody who might be attending a baby shower or needs a gift for an expecting mother can also be a great way to make sales.

Craft markets are another good outlet. The first time you go will be a bit difficult, in most cases that is, mainly because it takes the people time to get to know your products. You could also get ideas from these shops but not entirely copying from them but just getting ideas and adopting techniques for your own creations. You can find unusual materials at factory outlets, try the interior designers or any retail outlet that has sample ranges of fabrics, you could buy them by bulk or wholesale at a very cheap price.

Another good way for your product line of quilts to get noticed are in retail outlets who would take consignment stock, that means they take your stock and only have to pay you when they sell it. You put your price on the item and then they add their markup onto that. Another way to get started with your business is introducing it to the World Wide Web, this is a good place to advertise for the wide array of people that could access your website and see your products, more potential customers to see it means more chances of making a sale. Using the various auction sites can be a very economical way to sell on the internet.
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Hunter Crowell is a researcher, avid money maker, and creator of Machine Quilting Business, a web page setup to help quilters earn cash. http://www.make-money-explained.info/quilting.html
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