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Affiliate Marketing Campaigns: Have Other People Sell Teleseminars for You

Mar 1, 2008
All of the people who go through my trainings are considered alumni and become eligible to be affiliate resellers of my courses. When they sell a course, they receive a commission.

Student, affiliate, partner. That's the sequence, and the beauty about affiliate marketing is there's no inventory. You can build your business through Teleseminars in teaching and training your affiliates. Your affiliates are essentially treasure maps that lead to treasure chests full of other treasure maps. You can find all those other treasure maps by utilizing Teleseminars.

I don't know why people don't this, but you can create a Teleseminar to pump up and motivate your affiliates and then have them promote you on your behalf. I've done this with TeleseminarSecrets, VirtualBookTourSecrets and PodcastSecrets. I've launched an affiliate program for virtually every course I have to offer.

Let's say you have an affiliate program. There's no reason why you can't have a Teleseminar with your affiliates to have contests, update how your best affiliates are marketing your products, recognize best practices and outstanding efforts, give monetary awards and talk about upcoming events.

A Teleseminar raises intimacy. Use the power of intimacy to your advantage to get your affiliates excited about your product and get them moving along to promote your product. In the end, this all benefits you.

If your affiliates are invited to a free call where they can ask questions and have them answered and you're revealing the best practices that other affiliates have found, they will get excited and they will help promote and sell your product.

You will make out like a bandit and so will your affiliates. It's a win-win-win situation. The traffic that the affiliates send to you win because they get to the source. They get to the top of the mountain, not just to the foot of the mountain. And the affiliates win because they're getting paid for the referral. And of course, you win, too.

I've done this with 1Shopping Cart affiliates where we've had Teleseminars and we see a bump in business the next day - within 24 hours - because we get people pumped up during that intimate Teleseminar.

The key is to make it simple, make it exciting, and don't have it go longer than an hour. I've found that 45 minutes is the sweet spot for an affiliate call or a sales call.

That is the power of Teleseminars when used with affiliate marketing campaigns. As simple as it is, it is oftentimes overlooked. Don't overlook it - remember it is a in-win-win situation.
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