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Brand Leverage As A Powerful Business Marketing Tool

Mar 1, 2008
Small business owners, first time entrepreneurs who just went out to of the corporate world, would often make the mistake of packaging. Jumping out of that suit and getting your hands dirty may be the common procedure for those who would not be familiar with brand leverage. Through brand leverage, business marketing will be easier and more effective in terms of memory retention and impact.

Many businesses that cannot afford to hire third party marketing firms commonly fall short in brand image and brand identification. They would fail primarily in having a professionally conceptualized logo which most business owners deem as a waste of money and time. Businesses would want to have as much impact as they can with their prospects may it be an industry in business to business or consumer goods market -impression counts.

Concept of Brand Leverage in Business Marketing

The pyramids in Egypt were built with the simple principle of leverage, use an arm to obtain optimum force and lift it with less effort. This concept is the same with business marketing through brand leverage - let your brand travel miles and make as much impact as possible by creating a business image or build a brand perception.

Brand Logos

Brand logo is as much as part of business marketing than it is with brand leverage. Business logo is an image that could let your clients and potential client link to your business. It is advisable to create and conceptualize a logo that could give an illustrative relationship to your business or product.

There are many tips to create an attractive business logo but here are some of the very basic ones that could give a much needed impact to the business:

- Keep the illustration as close to the perception you want to portray.

- Solid and specific design that blends well with the text or brand

- Simple and plain, avoid a cluttered and too complicated logo - Have a color theme so that your store, signage, stationeries, etc. can have a homogeneous color scheme.

- Make it sure that the logo looks good in colored as well as in black and white since you might want to print flyers, news ads and other print ad paraphernalia in black and white to save on cost.

Logo design may be a minimal business activity on top of other strategies in the business plan but this is your business carrier or a flag that identifies you amongst other products or businesses.

Business Tag Lines

Tag lines are basically a one liner phrase that sums up the identity of the business. In recent business lingo a tag line sometimes can be called elevator lines. These are lines that give impact or emotional attachment to the product.

Tag lines are usually composed of three to five lines that would reflect on what the company wants to position itself to the consumers. These lines commonly go with the logo which later on would eventually become an identifier by itself.

Having had all these business marketing activities would not guarantee any success at all but when these are used in the right way and placed at all the right places, then the brand logo and tag line could be your most expensive asset.
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