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Women Entrepreneurs: Make Soul Agreements in Business

Mar 1, 2008
Every woman small business is run on agreements. Some of the agreements are printed and signed, like in a contract. They can be felt, seen, read and discussed.

But what isn't always so obvious is the unspoken agreement we're entering into. This is the one that, when everyone is in agreement, makes our work a joy to deliver and a delight for our clients to receive. And, when not in harmony, it's the type of agreement that can cause us hours of stress, unhappiness and messy situations that we wish would just "go away."

I call these "soul agreements," when I'm business coaching.

A contract is a legally binding document between two or more parties that clearly spells out obligations, commitments and expectations between everyone involved.

A soul agreement is a commitment, first with yourself, that says, "the action I am about to take is in complete harmony with what is right for me. My actions are a reflection of my speaking and acting from the truth of who I am, no matter what."

The problem is that most women entrepreneurs ignore their own soul agreement when making commitments.

How can I tell? It's easy.

My business coaching experience tells me that if you're doing something you don't really want to do, if you're ignoring that awful gnawing feeling in your gut that's trying to tell you something, if you're holding back from a difficult conversation because you're afraid of losing a client or hurting someone's feelings, then you're breaking your soul agreement.

Likewise, women entrepreneurs break their soul agreements if they hold back from charging enough, going after a more lucrative client or launching new marketing plans.

Sure, women entrepreneurs have to do practical things like build their lists, speak, send newsletters and gather testimonials.

But if you want your woman small business to be spiritually AND financial rewarding, then you must first commit to your soul agreement, then take action.


Let's say you're about to launch a new program. Before you start your marketing plans, let me ask you, what is the soul agreement that you know you must make with yourself for your woman small business? (Hint: it's something deeper than just saying to yourself, "I'm willing to do what it takes to make my launch work.")

Try asking yourself this question, "What is the bottom line truth, where I know I MUST show up, no matter what?!"

What often bubbles up is an unmistakable (and unshakeable) feeling of strength, passion and commitment for what you believe in...and an "a-ha!" of where you've been sacrificing that commitment to please someone else.

With your soul agreement firmly in place the marketing actions you take will be more than just mechanical tasks. They will be soul inspired actions that pull you forward powerfully, even when you're tired, uncertain or tempted to slip into self-doubt.

My business coaching challenge to you is to keep your soul agreement, no matter what, and watch your marketing plans leapfrog forward into success!
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