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6 Easy Ways To Create a Webpage That Sells

Mar 1, 2008
Most people don't sign up for ANYTHING the first time around. The same goes for potential customers surfing your site. Did you know it takes an average of SEVEN times before someone will buy from you? This means you have to try and capture their contact information on your site, so you can start to build a relationship with them. Here are some Great Tips to get you started...

1) Put up a good web form in your site. Make sure it's on the top of 'The Fold', which is the top part of the page you can see on a computer screen. Don't make a reader 'scroll' to sign up for your offer. A good web form for subscribing to an opt-in list is not hard to do. Just write an Irresistable offer they can't refuse Eg. Sign up for a Free Audio Class.

2) Ask for Name and Email Address. You can ask for mailing address and birth date too if you have something to send them in the mail. The more contact information you have on your customers, the more power and influence you have at your finger tips.

3) Personalize your page. Whether it's a landing page selling a
product or service, or a jampacked site full of great information, you want people to get to know you. As the old Marketing saying goes "People buy from those they know, like and trust". You can do this by using your picture to add personality, or telling a bit of 'your story'. This also helps for positioning you as an Expert in your field.

4) Write Great Sales Copy. Words are essentially a salesperson in print. Either learn how to write effective copy, or hire a copywriter. Either way, you have to master this skill. Surf the net for sites you like and model your page on that. Obviously you shouldn't cut and paste
anyone else's writing, but you can take some of their elements and make them your own.

5) Create a Killer Headline. You've got to get an eye-catching headline. No one lingers on a site for long, unless you draw them in, and the first place to do this is right at the top of your page. Don't be shy, make it bold and tie it in with your copy.

6) Use Audio/Video. Nothing is more powerful than hearing your voice or seeing your face talking about your services and how you can
help a customer overcome a particular problem. Audio and Video is so cheap (and in some cases Free) to use now, that there is no reason
for you not to use the technology available. You can use it for
something as simple as an audio website greeting, or you can get
really creative and make video postcards for special offers or
products you are promoting. You can really have fun with this one!

7) Make it Clear and Easy To Follow. Regardless of what you are
selling, always make it easy for the customer to understand. If you
are selling a sole product or service, create a landing page that talks about that item only. Your focus is to get them to respond to a Call To Action, Eg. Sign up, Buy. If you are working with a more content packed site like a Membership site, don't overcrowd the Home page. Too much information at once leads to confusion, and a confused customer never buys.

Great Marketing means Always putting yourself in your customer's shoes. Make sure your site is easy to follow, interesting and easy to sign up for.
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