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Make Money With Online Surveys

Mar 1, 2008
One of the biggest questions searched these days is about making money with online surveys and whether they are legitimate or not.

As with anything else on the Internet the answer can be yes or no depending upon what sites and information you are looking at. You can find literally thousands of ads online about how to make money with online surveys and it can be very confusing for those who are not familiar with the business.

Online surveys and focus groups have become more popular over the last few years because it is a more cost effective means for companies to get the consumer feedback they use to improve their products and advertising campaigns.

Years ago surveys and focus groups used to be performed by market research companies that would either conduct telephone interviews or incite participants to a certain location and compensate them for their time in participating.

Companies have now realized that by offering people a way to make money with online surveys reduces their costs dramatically because they no longer have to lease retail space or pay people to make phone calls. They also do not have to feed participants which was a common practice with half day or all day focus groups.

I actually miss the days of going to the facility because it was a more social environment than doing it online. The upside to being able to now make money with online surveys is it requires less of our time because we do not have to drive anywhere. With the cost of gas these days we also get to keep more money in our pocket.

Finding ways to make money with online surveys can be tricky because there are many less than honorable companies scamming people by not paying as promised or under paying based upon the market value of a certain survey or focus groups.

I have found the best way to maximize my time and earnings is by having a membership with one of the survey directories. This enables me to not have to go out and search for the work myself and then worry about whether or not I am actually going to be paid for the work.

Survey directory sites do much of the work for us by pre-screening companies and organizing survey and focus group offerings in a nice database format.

Most of these directories only require a small one time membership for unlimited access to their information and many provide additional help in how to maximize your ability to make money with online surveys.

I have personally found that the cost of the membership, for me anyway, is a bargain because I would rather pay a one time fee or $30-$40 than spend hours searching online for the right companies and again worrying about if I am actually going to be paid as promised.

This allows me to actually focus on the task of using reputable companies where I can actually make money with online surveys.

It's a great way to make some extra money anytime you want and how much you earn is completely up to you. You can make a couple hundred a month in your spare time or turn it into a full time job and earn a few thousand dollars a month.
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If you would like to get more information about how to make money with online surveys the other has put together a small site reviewing a few of the top survey directory sites. You can visit it at: Survey Site Directories
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