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How To Earn A Steady Residual Income

Mar 1, 2008
Did you know that you can earn residual income from other peoples work? It is legal, ethical and most importantly, it is true. Each and every time one of the people to whom you delegate the responsibility to moving a product does indeed close a sale, you stand to profit from that transaction without having to lift a finger. Imagine how much money you are able to generate with this concept.

Sure, in the past there have been those who have abused the system of residual cash income and thus have given the entire industry a black eye but ever since then a plethora of companies have rediscovered the secret of business delegation and the residual income has been steadily flowing in ever since. The concept is surprisingly simple. Person A signs up to see a good or service and in addition to selling the product, person A brings in another person, person B, to work under them.

While person A is concentrating on closing sales in her or his sphere of influence, person B is doing the same in her or his sphere of influence. Since person B would never have known about the business or how to do the job in the first place, a small percentage of person B profit is paid to person A. Before long, person B brings in a friend, person C, to do the same. In the same way that B owes A the small percentage, C will owe B some money. In addition, C will also pay a smaller amount to A, just for the fact that if it were not for A, neither B nor C would be making money right now.

Now imagine what would happen if person A brought in people B1 though B100. The possibilities and the income would be seemingly endless. Within just a bit of time, person A would no longer have to be selling the product to make money, instead, she or he can simply relax, sit back and enjoy the residual income generated by persons B, C and so on. Of course, you do not have to be content with just working for one company and building a residual income network.

Instead, why not sign up for two, four, or eight companies? If you are a sales minded person with a knack for people skills, you will be able to put your soft skills to work and build any number of profitable networks. The trick is to find companies that offer a worthwhile product with a future, a generous compensation plan and at the same time one where you will not be so far down the line that you are entering in a market that is already saturated with agents who are working for the company.

If you find yourself in such a position, you will find that your only real way of making money is by selling the product. This business model of increasing residual income through delegation of sales responsibilities is known as multi level marketing and considered by many peple as the only real way of making money within the sales field.
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