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Magic Headline Words And Phrases For Your Campaigns - Part 1

Mar 1, 2008
Many people underestimate the importance of headlines when composing web pages, newsletters, email campaigns and any other type of advertising. If a person is to read your web page the headline is what grabs them in and gives them the interest to start reading. If it's an email campaign of newsletter then the headline is what gets the prospective reader to open the message in the first place. If your headline doesn't appeal to them or at least attract their attention then, with the amount of messages most people are bombarded with every day, for sure your page will not be read or your email opened. Here are some phrases and words which grab attention or hold interest.

How To...
A "How To.." headline always grabs your prospect's attention because it tells them they are about to learn something new that could be of benefit to their lifestyle. This type of headline should get their attention and boost your email campaign. It's job is to indicate how to get their benefit cheaper, sooner, easier, etc.
Here's an Example: "How To Get Rid Of Your Debts In 6 Months Or Less!"

An "Unlock..." is a headline that grabs your prospect's attention because it's indicating this information is locked up and when something is locked-up it's perceived as having more value. Your product is the key that's going to unlock the benefit for them and this can only benefit to your email campaign.
For Example: "Unlock The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing Success!"

The "Discover..." headline gets your prospect's attention because it gives the headline a sense of adventure. It's just like in a story when someone discovers a lost island or a hidden treasure. Boost the results of your email campaign with this. People are suckers for a good story.
Example: "Discover the Hidden Niches That The Gurus Don't Want You To Know"

This sounds as though somebody was trying to hide something. Your prospects will always want to know what was being covered up and why. This works on the principle of people love to gossip.
A good example would be: "Million Dollar Affiliate Tricks Exposed!"

An "...Explained" headline grabs your prospect's attention because it gives them a clear picture of a benefit they may not understand how to get. If there is something you don't understand and it could be of benefit to you, you'd want it explained wouldn't you?
Example: "Top Google SEO Strategies Explained!"

Breaking News...
Breaking news usually happens when it's really important and people are always interested in "The Latest" and usually can't wait until the normal news time. This type of headline is meant to make people stop what they're doing and take notice of the Latest News.
A good Example would be: "Breaking News! California Housewife Breaks The Bank With Google Adwords!"

Inside Secrets...
An "Inside Secrets..." headline demands attention because your prospects will feel that if they learn more information they'll belong to a select, privileged group of people. This is the "Club" mentality you're appealing to. It also adds a rareness to your product. Rare is always valuable. I have had several successful email campaigns using this phraseology.
Example: "The Inside Secrets Of Housewife Millionaires !"

Very useful because it's almost everyone's fantasy is to have a magic tool or formula that will instantly give them their desires. People will always want to get their desired benefits with little or no effort. Magic implies easy and effective email campaigns have used this in headline for years. It's very effective.
For Example: "Awesome New Opt In Box Converts Like Magic"

A "Finally..." Implies that the prospects search is over. They have been looking for this magic formula or that really cheap website maker and "Finally" they have come to the right place.
A Good Example is:
"Finally! An Acne Cream That Really Gets Rid Of Zits"

This headline is very valuable and your email campaign will always benefit from using this because in the Prospects eyes you are guaranteeing the product and this removes risk which is a very strong emotion. Your prospects can allow themselves to get interested because even if they buy they know they have nothing to lose. It makes the most unbelievable headlines seem believable and true.
Example: "20,000 Web Site Visitors In One Week... Guaranteed!"

Time Sensitive...
The "Time Sensitive!..." headline is always just placed in front of the prospects desired benefit so they know they need to promptly read your ad. People hate to think that they may miss out on your time sensitive offer.
Example: "Time Sensitive! 10 Ways To Reduce Your Household Bills!"
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