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Is A Corporate Quiz Or Game Show Effective At A Conference?

Mar 1, 2008
It's often the case that you want to organise some team building at your conference. You don't want to do anything too energetic and you would rather stay indoors, someone has suggested a corporate quiz or game show but all that springs to mind is a pathetic series of questions and answers, is this really what they are like?

The truth of the matter is that there are people out there that will deliver a less than professional event, it's the old cliche of you get what you pay for, if you have two hundred people and someone is charging under two hundred pounds for the event, then you should be able to work out that it's not going to be brilliant. On the other hand, there are some superb corporate quiz and game show events to be had but how do you know which one you are getting?

First things first, your expectations versus reality. What would you ideally like? If you would like a stage set, high tech equipment and a top notch presenter then you will need to have the budget to reflect this. There are so many different forms of corporate quiz or game show events to choose from that it's pretty likely that there will be a show to suit your budget but you are going to have to give the events company an idea of what you are working towards, so they can match the right show for your team.

Next question you may want to ask is do you want to host a corporate quiz or game show? There is a difference between the two. A corporate quiz will be based on a traditional formula, questions and answers and normally teams will write down their answers. It'll be presenter lead and is a great way of testing delegates knowledge of your conference as you can easily slip company questions into the format.

A game show is normally a little more interactive, it will involve an activity of some kind. It may be voting in a millionaire style game, making or doing something in a generation game style or guessing how many people said what in a family fortunes style. Game shows will take more budget but they don't have to break the bank. You'll also find that generally speaking game shows have a bigger impact on your delegate audience, as many have seen TV versions and the level of excitement of having the chance to take part in one is higher.

The beauty of hosting a corporate quiz or game show at your conference, is that you can tailor and brand them to suit your company or specific conference message. This is very easily done and if you talk with your events company and explain what your message is, they will give you a range of ideas of how to communicate this through this interactive event. By engaging with your delegates and communicating your message in a covert and entertaining manner, this type of event becomes a very powerful and effective conference tool.
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