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What Makes a Good Ebook?

Mar 1, 2008
One of the most prevalent and popular items to sell on eBay are ebooks. There are thousands of seller merchandising ebooks on auction every day. Some have created their own and some have purchased books with resell rights. Some have purchased books with private label rights. Some ebooks are very good and some are very bad, so bad they aren't worth the electrons they are written on.

Have you ever thought about what makes a good ebook? Could you tell the difference between a good ebook and some of the trash out there? This is something you really should know. If you are selling a product to your customers, you want to provide them with quality products. You certainly want to keep them happy and satisfied. You don't want to ruin a relationship with a paying customer that could cost you hundreds of dollars in future sales.

Because you want to take care of your customers and because you only want to sell them quality, you should know how to tell a good ebook from a bad one. It really isn't that hard, but so many sellers either don't know how to determine if a book is good or bad or they are too lazy to try. Either way, eventually it will catch up to them.

First and foremost, a good ebook must have useful and helpful content. It must satisfy someone's quest for information. It needs to tell people how to solve a problem or it needs to teach them how to do something.

A good ebook should have at least a foundation of proper English. It doesn't have to follow every grammar rule ever invented, but it should read clearly and make sense. It must have proper spelling. There is nothing that will ruin the credibility of a written document faster then bad spelling. It makes the reader question the validity of the entire book.

The book should be neatly presented. It should be formatted so that it is easy to read. Good ebooks look like someone took the proper time to make sure it is a quality book. Ebooks that have odd paragraphs, no header or footer, no page numbers, no headings or chapters make for poor ebooks. They give the impression that someone slapped the book together in a couple of hours just to get something they could sell.

The ebook should have a good looking graphical representation. That is just one more characteristic that says: someone took their time to create a good book.

These are the things you should know about in reviewing the ebooks you propose to sell. If you sell poor quality merchandise to a customer you will never sell him anything again. If you sell good quality ebooks, and your customer feels he received good value for his money, you could have a customer for life.
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