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Long Tail Keywords- What Are They And How Are They Tracked?

Mar 1, 2008
There are a number of different ways that web site owners use to attract a large amount of Internet visitors to their site. In many cases, these different methods work pretty well but the problem is that so many people are using the same methods. This unfortunate fact soon makes these methods become ineffective and cause more problems than solutions for the web site.

Many web site owners are using keywords in their published content to attract the attention of people who use major search engines to find specific information. This is a great method to use, but it is beginning to lose its effectiveness because of all the people that are using the same keywords in their own web sites. The question then turns to how you can get your web site to stand out from all of the others that are produced on the Internet.

The solution comes from using long tail keywords, which is a phrase that many people may not have heard of before. A quick example of how keywords are used in web site content will help to educate people on this fairly new term.

Let us take the keyword example of "credit card", which is most definitely used in millions of web sites and produced to attract visitors who are looking for information about credit cards. When you only use the keyword of "credit card" in your site's content, the chances of people linking to your site are pretty slim because of all the other web sites that are doing the same thing. You need to use more specific keywords or phrases that will narrow your target audience and create a higher probability of attracting more visitors.

This is where long tail keywords come into play. Instead of using very general keywords like "credit card", try to be more specific and use key phrases. An example of this would be "how to raise your credit card limit," which would make your site very unique compared to many other sites and help you to attract a more interested Internet audience.

Long tail keywords help to eliminate the amount of competition that your site has to deal with and allow you to target a specific type of Internet user. They also allow you to become more popular with major search engines when people are looking for specific information. The more long tail keywords that you publish in your site's content, then the more effective your web site will be.

Tracking these types of keywords and phrases can happen when you talk to as many people as you know to find out what kinds of information they want to learn about. Instead of asking about general topics, ask them to be more specific and find out the details of what they are searching for on the Internet. You can then take these ideas, form them into long tail keywords, and implement them into your web site content.
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