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Make Money Online With GPT Sites

Mar 1, 2008
There are many people online that have figured out how to make money with free to join sites and the nice thing about these sites is they require no financial risk.

These websites are known as GPT sites(get paid to) and they compensate members for performing certain tasks such as get paid to read emails, get paid to take surveys, get paid to view online ads or try products and services for free.

The key to being able to make money online with GPT sites is that most of them have what is called referral programs. These programs enable members to recruit others to join the sites and receive compensation in the form of a percentage of their referrals earnings.

As an example if a site pays a 20% referral commission this means you will earn a bonus of .20 for every dollar one of your referrals earns on the site.

Being able to simple recruit a minimal number of referrals to any of the good GPT sites can increase your earnings very quickly.

Let's say you are able to recruit 100 referrals for one of the better GPT sites. I know this may seem like a large amount of people but the reality is once you learn how the process works you can easily recruit hundreds of people a month.

Back to our example of recruiting 100 people and let's say they each earn $50 a month on the site. That is a total of $5000. If the site offers you a 20% commission that would enable you to make $1000 for the month. That is not too bad for using free to join GPT sites. Even just 10 people could get you an extra $100 for free.

My favorite GPT sites are paid offer or survey sites because they offer the best earnings potential. A couple of keys to maximizing earnings on these types of sites are:

1. Use multiple free email addresses in rotation while doing offers and surveys. Many offers are from the same companies and using a rotation of free email accounts will help your earnings confirm faster. This is perfectly within the rules as long as they are email addresses that belong to you.

2. Check your email accounts for confirmation messages. Many offers and surveys send an email with a link you need to click to verify your email address before you can be credited for your earnings.

3. Clear the cookies from your computer after doing offers and surveys. Many of these companies place a tracking cookie on your computer when you do an offer or survey. This does not hurt your computer at all but allows the company to know you have done an offer. Clearing the cookies from your computer will allow you do do more offers and surveys.

4. Learn to use the GPT sites referral program. As stated earlier, recruiting referrals is the fastest way to increase your earnings.

The key is to remember these sites are completely free to use and any money you earn from them is just a little extra to help pay the bills, maybe buy the groceries or save up for a family vacation.

Whatever you decide to use the money for these sites are a fun and easy way to make some extra money online. With just a little understanding of how the Internet and search engines work you can easily use free resources available to anyone online to help in your referral recruiting efforts.
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The author is an experienced GPT site user and has helped many people learn how to increase their monthly earnings utilizing the free referral programs. You can visit his site about how to recruit referrals at: The Affiliate Freeway
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