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To Prosper Look for Causes and Continually Monitor Irresistible Forces

Mar 1, 2008
In looking at irresistible forces (powerful trends outside your control), you will often find that their causes have been irreversibly in place for many years. This circumstance is especially true for irresistible forces based on demographic trends.

For example, in most of the developed world we can safely assume that there will be enormous growth in demand for products and services unavoidably associated with aging (due to the graying of the baby boom generation born just after the end of World War II) such as retirement homes, retirement investments, and geriatric health care services. Uncovering the causal events will help you determine the direction and duration of the irreversible forces in play.

What events may have already taken place that will determine the size and duration of this irresistible force? To begin with, you simply want to find events that you suspect could be causes. Test these suspect causes further before making decisions based on them. This testing is most effectively begun in a brainstorming environment in which each person is invited to generate as many ideas as possible, without evaluating the ideas. Then later, you can decide which ideas are the more promising ones.

Which of these suspect events is probably a primary cause? You can use statistical tests (if you don't know how, hire someone to do this for you) to see which of the events seem most closely to track the trend. Those that seem to match well should then be tested for their potential connections among people who were not involved originally in generating these causal ideas.

Have Security Monitors in Place

If the irresistible force is what you think it is, it will blow strongly and continuously in the future. You can test your identification by seeing if the force and the connections to your enterprise are continuous.

A weather station with instruments that show the direction and strength of the wind is the ultimate test of the accuracy of the meteorologist's forecast. So the more you monitor the irresistible force and its impacts, the more secure you can be in acting on your assumptions.

You'll probably need help from those with expertise in market research in order to answer the following questions in the best way. If you don't have anyone like that in your organization, hire someone on the outside who has dealt successfully with the same or similar issues of irresistible force.

How can the irresistible force be measured?

How can the frequency of the measurements by increased?

How can the measurements be kept accurate?

How can the cost of the measurements be reduced to modest levels compared to the value of the information to you?
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